Copblocker arrested for denying cops access to question minor child

Power Tripping CopI caught Texas copblocker, Kenny Lovett, on facebook, trying to find help for his friend, Amy Hedtke. Amy has been arrested for refusing to force her minor son to submit to questioning by police in a traffic stop in which Amy was driving. She repeatedly requested the officers to cite the laws they were attempting to enforce, they repeatedly refused. [BTW: There is no Texas state law requiring passengers to identify themselves, absent probable cause, and there is, in fact, Supreme Court precedent (I.E. actual case law) that directly contradicts that assertion by the cops in this video. – Editor]

This was posted on Brett Sanders :

RHOME TX – A prolific liberty activist was arrested earlier this afternoon when she objected to officers questioning and identifying her minor son during a routine traffic stop. Amy Hedtke, driver,  and her son Eric, passenger, were pulled over for allegedly speeding and things got testy between the officers and Hedtke when she questioned the officers authority to identify her minor son.

We do not yet know much aside from that callers report Hedtke has not been charged yet is in jail. Please watch Amy’s footage here and call Wise County 940 627 5971 and ask what crime Amy is being accused of committing and demand her immediate release.

***UPDATE*** Melissa Moran, good friend of copblock, was told the charges are as follows, ”Obedience required to police officer and/or crossing guard, failure to register vehicle, and failure to report address”. WHAT?! Notably, Melissa was also transferred four times before someone spoke with her. Keep calling.

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