“There are only two people that know what happened in that alley that night and one of them is dead,” says Joshua Roberts.


Roberts hired an investigator who traced the steps leading to Ireland’s death. He took us back to the crime scene that started on West Division the night of February 17th. Ireland and a friend were there.


“We have been able to determine the car was located in this lot and they were here trying to get it started and a car stopped by, had a jumper cable and they were able to jump start the vehicle,” says Roberts.


Roberts says that’s when a police car pulled up and blocked them from leaving.


“Michael Ireland popped out of the car and he headed down the alley way running from police,” Roberts explained.


That police car didn’t pursue Ireland, but Ireland kept running.


“It is a little surreal and it’s little bit eerie to think that we are down the same footsteps where Michael ran in the last moments of his life,” says Roberts.


Roberts says Ireland ran past a brown privacy fence, then made a hard right.


“He hops this fence and within a short period of time, the witness heard him say I am done running. That’s when he was confronted by Officer Bath and he was shot and killed right up there,” says Roberts.


Through Roberts’ investigation he learned one neighbor’s take on what happened after Ireland was shot.


“He told me that an ambulance didn’t arrive on the scene for 20 minutes which is very concerning. Why wasn’t there CPR, why wasn’t that ambulance there sooner? Could that have saved Michael’s life? I don’t know,” says Roberts.


Now, it’s up to the Springfield Police department to released its findings on what happened the night of February 17th. Police say they are waiting on lab results.