Hands Up Don’t Shoot (Music Video)

11129679_10153206637163728_192246802_oYbsFrack sent the video above titled, “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” to us, via the CopBlock.org submit tab. I’ve spent the last 30 mins blasting it through my iMac and couldn’t appreciate the message more. I know Danny included it in his recent post about music helping spread the police accountability message, but this deserves its own post from me. There are so many one liners and strike the root messages in this song that I just couldn’t resist posting it again.

“Got me having night terrors, the American dream”

“Got me worried about the day one of their bullets might stick in, but I don’t wear a vest, I just wear my white privilege.”

“I’d never submit let alone bow to a cop”

“It ain’t safe no more, the way evil reigns, when you have to duck and hide from the biggest gang”

“They’re not serving and protecting us, they’re messing with us.”

As Joshua recently mentioned in his post seeking celebrities, for the purpose of using their fame to bridge the gap between some people and the reality of the police state, I see music as one of these mediums, too. I think “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” by YbsFrack, Chris Golden, & Michael Gee (aka Mic Gutz), put together one of the most strike the root, call it how it is songs that I’ve heard in awhile.  Well done guys, I hope to see them rocking some CopBlock.org Gear in the next video.

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Ademo Freeman

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