Tonight On CopBlock Radio

Tonight on Cop Block Radio.

Adecop block radio graphicmo, founder, will be joining us for the first segment and will be talking about his recent trip to Zanesville, plus his “CopBlock Is Propaganda” post. Bullet Proof and the Fool (BPTF), hip-hop artists from Indianapolis, will be joining us to preview their new song, “The Anthem.” Josh Hotchkins, Contributor, will be calling in to the show, since he was cut short last week, and Austin Herd’s sister, Autum, will join us to discuss “Justice For Austin.” Plus Derrick and I will be up to our usual antics, you’re not going to want to miss this show.


Ademo Freeman was charged with contempt of court last week when trying to record another CopBlockers hearing (who was arrested the night before for filming). He also published an interesting piece last week that we’d like to discuss as well, plus he’s just an interesting dude to have on and we look forward to having him join us.

BPTF are popular hip-hop artist in the midwest who support CopBlock’s mission and was essential during Ademo’s “CopBlocking in Indianapolis” visit, so I’m excited to speak with them. As mentioned above, they’re also going to preview their new song – which throws some love to CopBlock – “the Anthem.” BPTF made a splash on the site when they submitted a video of police taking their microphones while on stage performing their hit song, “Call the Cops.

Josh Hotchkins, Contributor, will be on to talk about his article “Calling All Cop Critical Celebrities.” Hopefully his idea to reach out to celebrities will start an avalanche of support to CopBlock and the message that “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights. “Josh will be joining us later in the show since he was cut short last week as part of our “Meet the CopBlock Contributors” series.


You may remember the story published at CopBlock about Austin titled, “Justice For Austin Public Poll” – as well as the follow up article titled, “OSP Continues to Delay Investigation…” Austin died mysteriously in Oregon when he fell from a moving van, which then ran him over killing him, now the police are botching the investigation. Autumn will give us some background on the story, which was covered by Oregon Cop Blocker, Chris Ponte.


Join us tonight, at 10pm (eastern time) for the CopBlock Radio Show, you can listen live on LRN.FM, and remember, “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights.”


Chuck U Farley

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