Better Than A Cop: Max to the Rescue

635642987937781443-Still0410-00009Max Demby doesn’t consider himself a hero (have you noticed this is a trend with people who do good things without the expectation to do so), but he most certainly was to the woman he saved from a sexual assault. It was around 2 a.m in the morning when Max was walking home and he heard screams coming from near the Engineering Center on the Boulder campus. Without thinking and in what he described as “autopilot,’ Max simply ran towards the screams for help. When he got closer, he noticed a man forcing himself upon a woman who was clearly attempting to resist.

Watch this news report from 9 news out of Colorado:

Without calling for backup or having to use deadly force, Max yelled at the attacker as he approached. His bravery in deciding to combat what he perceived to be, and rightfully so, a wrongful attack of another human being was enough to scare the attacker away. This prevented them from continuing their assault on the young woman, which could have ended with her death or more severely harmed.

store banner“Max is a hero,” Deputy Chief, Ken Koch said. “I know he would cringe at being called that. I think he deserves all the credit in the world, but so does that victim.” I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Koch. Max is a hero and his bravery has not only shown us that we’re capable of helping each other, but that the police aren’t the only solution when seeking protection. In fact, there are probably much more reasonable solutions to the government’s one size fits all policing offered today. For that Max is this week’s “Better than a Cop” story. Without people like him we might continue relying on police (or government) to poorly provide the service of protection.

Ademo Freeman

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