I Wont Be Home For Christmas!

The TSA are, for all intents and purposes, the cops of the airport concourse. Their ever increasing intrusiveness has prompted a nationwide backlash. They really MUST be reigned in, so they stop violating every flyer’s 4th Amendment rights as well as our basic human dignity and right to privacy. To that end, my friend “Uncle Waldo,” the host of Campground Pirate Radio, where I do a weekly segment as “The Bomb Throwing Anarchist” (I only toss knowledge bombs, and “Molotov cocktails of outrage”), has created a campaign to try and bring the airlines to their financial knees during the busy holiday season, thus forcing them to demand the TSA stop treating us, their customers, like guilty terrorists until we prove our innocence by subjecting ourselves to the Faustian choice of irradiating porno-scans or titty-twisting, gonad groping “enhanced pat-downs.” Please, join us in refusing to travel this December, and tell the airlines why. Let them know that you “Wont Be Home For Christmas” this year, and that you refuse to fly until the government repeals these abusive, invasive, demeaning and ultimately ineffective security measures. Your most powerful vote is the one you make -or don’t- with your wallet. Let them hear you loud and clear by staying home this December!


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