CopBlocking Downtown Cleveland (VIDEO)

A couple of weeks ago DEO, Jason, Larry and myself ventured to downtown Cleveland, more particularly 4th street, to do a little on foot CopBlocking. We choose 4th street because that’s where most of Cleveland’s night life is. We arrived around 9 pm and had a little bit of waiting around to do, so we also conducted some CopBlock outreach, see video below.

One of the most notable things I’d like to point out here, and that’s been happening more and more lately, is how none of the officers want to provides their names or badge numbers. Even the one who’s badge number we got didn’t TELL us, just pointed to it on his vest. How come officers are so reluctant to give their names? When I’m out CopBlocking, or just living, and people ask me about what I do, or the CopBlock gear I wear, I gladly tell them – including my name. In fact, I can’t think of any other interaction I have with people while they work who are hesitant to provide me their name.

Other than that and the usual intimidation tactics by police it was a pretty uneventful night but successful CopBlock. Unlike Indianapolis, where we ran into a number of CopSuckers, Cleveland folks were more receptive than their state neighbors. Maybe that’s because Ohio police – from Cleveland to Cincinnati – have killed a number of people from kids, woman and grown men. Most of which have a number of questions surrounding them from use of force, training and double standards. The two most notable cases, IMO, would be Tamir Rice; 12 year old boy shot at a Park near his home and John Crawford; shot inside a WalMart while holding a BB gun.

Those examples coupled with the fact that face to face interactions, being out and about showing people that you can and should film the police, is why I choose to allocate nearly every weekend to CopBlocking on the streets. We’ve just ordered 10,000 more flyers, from’s Flyers page, so we’re really going to be ready to do some outreach with our CopBlocking adventures.

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Ademo Freeman

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