Checkpoint CopBlocking: Cleveland Edition

store bannerThe video above was taken on April 16th at another OVI Checkpoint here in Ohio. Just two weeks ago DEO and I CopBlocked a checkpoint in Medina (video below) but this checkpoint was conducted by the Cleveland Police Department’s 5th district. We also had three additional people to help us do some Checkpoint CopBlocking and it worked out beautifully.

We arrived around 9 pm when the checkpoint was supposed to start, yet, the police didn’t show up until nearly 10 pm. We inquired about where the checkpoint was going to be, why they were there, and more. This was mostly to gather information as to the best way to keep motorisst from accidentally going through the checkpoint. Once we had the information, we decided to move to a well lit intersection about two blocks away from the checkpoint.

This not only allowed us the best ability to be seen and deter traffic, but it also gave motorists a few options to turn, if they did go through the light without heeding our warnings. A lot of cars actually did just that, driving through the intersection and half way through before realizing what Tom and I were trying to tell them. They’d then turn around at the next street. I don’t believe more than eight cars actually went through the police checkpoint that night and I’m pretty sure that NO ONE was arrested or ticketed.

All in all, I feel this was a very successful CopBlock of a police checkpoint. On top of keeping motorist from the tyrannical police checking papers and conducting vehicle inspections for no reason, we also had some great interactions with folks. Just like when we CopBlocked Downtown Cleveland, many people honked, stopped to thank us and/or take pictures/video of us to post on their social networks. It’s nice to receive such praise for our efforts and it was our pleasure folks.

If you’re reading this because you saw us out that night, consider connecting with Greater Cleveland CopBlock or Ohio CopBlock. Together, we can take a bite out of the Police State we’re all living in. Until next time, remember, “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights.”

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Ademo Freeman

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