New York State Correction Officers Illegally Detain Capital District CopBlock (VIDEO)

If this is how correction officers treat a law abiding citizen, I can only imagine how the inmates are being treated. Within seconds C.O. H. Gibbons (driving the truck) is telling me I can not film on State Property and that I am trespassing. An unidentified C.O. says the same thing. Seconds later Officer N. Ritter (according to his name tag) AKA Michael Ritter, wearing the white uniform, is saying I am not being detained but blocks my path to walk. At one point he even uses his body to try and stop my movement. I continue to walk when the unidentified C.O. kicks me. He put his foot back and kicks my shin, hard enough to leave a bruise. It’s my understanding that’s what assault is, according to the law. I did lose my temper a little in this video and said some curse words. I try to maintain my professionalism when doing this but I could not believe the nerve of that C.O. who kicked me.

I decided that I was going to leave at this point but Captain David Douglas ordered C.O. H. Gibbons to block the front of my car and C.O. J. Baumgartner to block the back side of my car preventing me from leaving. Now it wasn’t hard to figure out which car was mine. I was wearing a Cop Block T-Shirt and my car had Cop Block Bumper Stickers on it. From here you can hear C.O. Ritter and I go back and forth on topics of civil rights. Listen closely to the answers, there is a conflict between his training and what he knows is right. Listen to Captain David Douglas threaten me and try to intimidate me, we all know that won’t work. The video skips ahead because it took the State Police about 30 mins to arrive.

Trooper Murray was polite but her and the C.O.’s tried their best to come up with a law I had broken. They spent about 1 hour keeping me detained looking through books, papers and on the State Police laptop trying to find something. Another male from the State Police dressed in a shirt and tie even arrived. This individual told Captain Douglas that he was not taking my camera and that it was Captain Douglas who ordered me detained and there for I was not trespassing.

Thanks to Ademo Freeman and the rest of the Cop Block Network. While I was waiting for the police to release me he started calling the State Police to make sure they were not violating my rights or causing me undo harm. Please consider supporting us, it helps to protect all our civil liberties and bring you great videos.

In the end I was let go but the injustice that happened to me is unforgivable. Its not as bad as being shot or killed by them, but almost 2 hours went by with them harassing me, intimidating me and holding me against my will. When will law enforcement respect civil liberties? When will they treat people right? When will they stop intimidating people? And when will they stop telling lies?



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