CopBlock Stickers Keep Me From Being Pulled Over

I’ve posted it on my Facebook page, talked about it amongst friends and even blogged about here before, the difference now is that I have video proof, that Cops are less likely to stop you if your car (or persons) has CopBlock Gear displayed. Last night while coming back from Austintown, where we spent the evening CopBlocking the police, an Ohio State Trooper made the usual illegal (for anyone else) U-turn and came speeding up to the rear of my vehicle. Since I was driving, I asked DEO, of Greater Cleveland CopBlock, to record with the Canon camera, while I recorded using Bambuser. See below for what happened next.

That’s right. Even though this officer clearly showed all the signs before normally pulling someone over, he choose not to pull me for some reason. Which is the only remaining question, why did he change his mind? Was this because he saw my “” or “F*uck the Police” bumberstickers? Did those prompt him to say, “forget it, I don’t want to deal with this right now.” Or is there something else that kept him from pulling me over?

Before anyone says that maybe he didn’t have any probable cause, I do have a burnt out headlight. Which is what I suspect prompted the trooper to conduct the illegal U-turn in the first place. To be more honest, I’ve had this burnt out headlight for nearly a month and I’ve been waiting to get pulled over for it, so I can ask the Cop to replace it for me with the new one I carry around in my front seat. I do this because nearly all vehicle malfunction stops are fishing expeditions for cops who are really searching for something else to arrest you for. Just notice how many people you see driving around with some sort of burnt out or broken light. Yet, you seem to only get stopped for those if you’re coming out of the wrong area or if it’s too late at night. This is why I was looking forward to thanking the officer for their concern and handing them the new bulb to replace the broken one with.

Or maybe the cop didn’t notice my bumper stickers at all and my tags (though the car is not registered in my name) are flagged with some sort of information that tells officers not to pull me over? This option sounds a little extreme and over the top but this is probably the 6th time I’ve been tailed but not pulled over. What gives?

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Ademo Freeman

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