Ex-Cops Smoke Weed

From Cut Video, “Ex-Cops Smoke Weed.”

This video is absolutely gold. What a brilliant idea and I wonder if they had to pay these cops to do this. Even if they did, well done.

This video should do wonders for ending the war on drugs. As the 73 year old officer said, “everyone started out drinking milk.”

UPDATED 4/19/16: While you’re taking the time to enjoy the 420 holiday today please remember that millions are currently sitting in jail for putting something the government deems illegal in their bodies too (or for trading with people who want to). Prohibition didn’t work for alcohol and it won’t work for any other item either; Pot included.

There are a few ways to end the war on drugs and none of them are taking place today. The first, and most effective, is simple disregard for the law; also known as civil disobedience. For people to openly defy the law, mock the police who arrest people and refuse to take plea deals when charged is the fastest path to owning our bodies again. This would put such a burden on the system that it would have no choice but to stop enforcing laws that no one was listening to.

Another way is to stop funding the police by withholding your taxes and refusing to pay any other tax that ends up in the hands of prohibition agents of any sort. Clearly if the police aren’t paid to raid people’s homes who want to put something in their own bodies then they wouldn’t do it for free. Yet, the problem is that if you don’t pay them to raid the homes of people for drugs then they will come and raid your home. If they don’t succeed in getting you to cough up the dough then they will simply put you into a cage and charge others for such ‘services.’

emailbannerThe last, and most ridiculous IMO, is changing the system from within. Get on your high horse (no pun intended) and charge up to your state capitol with your voice of reason. Tell the voters the harms of the government’s war on drugs, how ending it would not only save a boat load of cash used to militarized police but that it will open up many doors in the medical industry. Of course many of us know that power corrupts and that the politician will be changed before they change the system. If this wasn’t the case the hippies of the 60’s would have legalized drugs already but they didn’t … they became Bernie Sanders instead.

Now any one of those ideas, plus a few more I’m sure, will end the war on drugs but it takes a large number of people acting together, deliberately and not giving up. The few who start it at first will be harmed the most, they will face lengthy prosecutions, harsher sentences and even physical abuse (and this IS going on NOW) but that’s only because the state must scare the others into not following in their path. This is one of the more difficult aspects of the state to deal with. For the first big wave will be hit hard from as many angles as the state can muster but it must not deter the others from following up. If done properly the third and fourth waves won’t see courtrooms let alone jail cells. The first wave shouldn’t have to sit out their entire sentences either but it takes a coordinated effort.

Not in the sense that we all must do the exact same thing at the exact same time. Just agree that we’ll no longer hide in the shadows as shameful (yet, peaceful) drug users, we won’t take plea deals and we own our own bodies!We care about the people around us and that we want to end the violence associated with black market businesses.

If folks could just agree to that then we could have this holiday everyday.

Here’s another good anti-drug war video, “The Flower”:


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