Corrupt Police Officers Thrive with Impunity in South Texas

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Date of Incident: August 16, 2014

Submit Your StoryOfficers Involved:
Deputy J.R. Villarreal
Officer Felix Tamez Jr.
Officer Rudolfo Tamez
Uvaldo Zamora (Mentioned as “Unit 1” that was notified that Roman would be arrested.)

Contact the Raymondville Police Department: 956.689.2441

Roman Arrest South TexasOn August 16, 2014, my husband went to attempt to pick up my grandson for visitation, on behalf of my son. My son and I did not feel comfortable getting out, because we have a two year protective order protecting us against the mother of the child.


We called for the County to help us do a civil standby, because the city officers already proved themselves to be biased with the mother and grandmother of the child.


She accused my husband of assaulting her. He did not, the video (above) proves that.


Roman was arrested anyway.


I’m already being told that what I told the officer after the arrest, could be considered threatening an officer. I told him, “In the next life you are mine.”


I have not made the video of my own arrest yet. They waited four months after my request to release all the officer body camera footage to me. I also want to wait until my charges are dismissed. I was arrested three months before Roman. Also on the day we attempted to pick up the child, it was also the same female stating that I hit her. However, the day she said that I hit her, she did not make the complaint. They put a warrant together based completely on hearsay, and a witness that stated: HE DID NOT SEE ME DO ANYTHING. The charges are the same for Roman and I: a Class C misdemeanor for assault.


In Texas, this is an offense that is given a citation…or an arrest is made, ONLY BY THE OFFICER THAT WITNESSED the offense. I was arrested FOUR weeks later, for a citable offense. The officer testified, two weeks prior to my arrest, that I was non aggressive. He said this in the hearing to obtain a protective order against Diana Conde’s daughter. PLEASE HELP US, THESE OFFICERS ARE DOING THIS TO OTHER PEOPLE IN OUR TINY COMMUNITY. No-one knows that this is happening. The District Attorney does not prosecute or investigate any officers. He makes people call the Texas Rangers, BUT he doesn’t tell people that he is going to inappropriately influence the Texas Rangers by discrediting the complainant and rendering them, “crazy people”. Officer TAMEZ, that arrested Roman here, delivered my protective orders on June 03, 2014 and told me, “You should not be fighting with Natalie, you are older than her.” I was the VICTIM. How was I to feel? Then four weeks after she assaulted me, suddenly I was arrested! Even after the police officer testified I was non aggressive. Arrested FOUR weeks after an alleged offense. I WAS NEVER TOLD WHY I WAS BEING PUT IN JAIL. The next day, I was let out and given a TICKET! As I was being arrested, I saw Natalie and Diana passing by my home…Natalie, whom I have the protective order against was FILMING my arrest. The arresting officer was Felix TAMEZ. The municipal court judge is married to Diana’s niece. So by the time that Aug. 16, 2014 came around, we were so traumatized by what the local officers were already able to accomplish. Both Roman and I are nurses, with clean records, until this occurred.


Please help us. I posted this very video, yesterday, ANOTHER corrupt Judge tried a peace bond hearing. Where the two ladies in the video, are attempting to place a peace bond against me. I HAVE DONE NOTHING, my lawyer could not believe the audacity of the judge. Today, we received orders where he is telling me that MY POSTING THIS VIDEO THAT I AM SENDING YOU CONSTITUTES AS, “electronic communication”…it does NOT, as I am NOT communicating with them, in ANY way, what so ever! These ladies have been trying to get a peace bond against me since January 2015. The judge keeps resetting it for 45 days….to see if I “do anything.” I HAVE NEVER done anything. He stated that my posting this video is “repeated harassment.” I can’t believe this is happening. He said, that if I post anything else, I will be held in contempt of court and arrested.


I watched the entire 29 minute video and it seems Roman is getting a pretty bad deal here. From what I saw, I would agree with the one officer who stated no charges should have been filed. I think it was ridiculous to have this many officers on scene for this personal dispute. It most certainly seems that some sort of favors are being given to this family by the police.

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