WI Deputy Accused of Attack, Wrongful Arrest At George Webbs Restaurant

A Waukesha County Sheriff’s Deputy is being accused of illegally detaining, attacking, and then arresting a man at a 24 hour diner in Villiage of Sussex, WI. Lieutenant Marc R. Moonen is heard on video barking at the man to keep his hands out of his pockets while simultaneously demanding his ID. The man asks the deputies what probable cause they have to stop him and was told, “cause you drove in the parking lot.”

Here’s what Jeff, the man arrested had to say in the narrative associated with the video he posted on Facebook:

Waukesha, WI Police“So, early this morning (4/12/15), I decided to go to the George Webbs in Sussex not far from where I live. As I pulled into the parking lot, I noticed three or four squad cars and several police officers who all appeared to be occupied with something. No big deal. I parked a little ways away and proceeded to walk from my car towards Webbs. As I approach the door, several officers begin to move in my direction and surround me. I am literally five feet from the door at this point. They tell me that I am suspected of operating under the influence. Huh? I am on foot. I am not under the influence. They manage to coerce me into the parking lot closer to their vehicles where they perform field sobriety tests on me, and I pass.


After the tests are done is when I begin recording (and please keep in mind that I am no cinematographer). When I ask them what their probable cause is for suspecting me of this, they tell me because I drove into the parking lot. Again, huh? I am getting a little agitated at this point because this whole situation feels wrong to me. I then ask the leading officer what his name is, and he responds, but after the second time I ask, he lunges at me, strikes my phone out of my hand, strikes me in the face at the same time and tells me to get the camera out of his face. Then I get pressed up onto the side of a squad car by what felt like ten officers, and I was placed under arrest.


Wow! Yes, that happened. You can now be arrested for being a consumer who is minding their own business! I am posting this video, which shows much of what happened up until the officer assaulted me and knocked the phone from my hand, in the hopes that it will reach someone in the community and that perhaps something can be done about this. In the United States of America, NO ONE should have to fear those who have sworn to protect and serve THE PEOPLE. This was outrageous! I for one am fed up! Please pass this along, maybe something will come of it. Thank you.”

In response to my request for comment, Amy Rendall made the following statement on behalf of Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department:

Please be advised the allegations made my Mr. Jeffrey McCarthy against Lt. Moonen are currently under investigation, therefore the Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department cannot comment at this time. The investigation is nearly complete, at which time the Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department will address questions in regards to the allegations made by Mr. Jeffrey McCarthy. Once the investigation is complete, the investigation will be available for release via a Public Records Request.

The fact that the “investigation” is nearly complete after only 10 days leads me to believe Mooney will be absolved of wrongdoing by his friends and family members at the Sheriff’s department, as was recently done for Deputy Steven Lyles. Assuming the man did pass the field sobriety tests, yet was still being harassed for his ID, leads me to believe this was a fishing expedition.

Few if any Waukesha County deputies have dash cameras. So, we’ll probably just have the officers’ reports to go by on their end and we know how that works. Moonen knew all he had to do was slap the phone out of Jeff’s hand like this or this in order to have his way with him. And have his way he did. Jeff is facing four criminal charges including OWI and of course, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department Facebook page

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