Telluride, Colorado Marshal’s Retaliate for Book

Following the March 17th, 2011 publishing of my book, “Exodus of Angels – The Murder of Harry Force” which is highly critical of local law enforcement, the District Attorney and local Judges, I became a non-person in Telluride, Colorado.

On September 23rd, 2011 I was jumped from behind, beaten and kicked unconscious in broad daylight by the local (who is well connected to the Denver Capitol ) County Democratic Chairperson. No arrests were made. I was never interviewed about the crime and nothing was done until I threatened legal action against the Town of Telluride. My attacker was then charged with a minor misdemenor bench warrant charge by the very D.A. I criticized in my book. BUT WAIT…It gets even more unbelievable.

I then had my cell phone taken by a incorrect warrant by local police telling me, “this might help you, there may be video of the assault on it”. I got my Android phone back three weeks later with all data erased. I was served a Contempt of Court Citation for violating a 2006 PRO for walking too close to my attacker (although no charges were filed against me) which resulted in the assault and am appearing in front of the very Judge I also criticized in my book. I am denied a jury trial and as the Judge barked at me in court, “I WILL DECIDE IF YOU NEED TO SERVE SIX MONTHS IN JAIL, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!

Amerika the corrupt.

– Albert Coney Heirich

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