Philadelphia Police Involved In A Shitstorm of Heinous Fuckery

The Liberty Bell rings out with a gurgling wretch as news about Philadelphia police abuse, misconduct, and corruption reveals a law enforcement agency that is spiraling out of control. A lack of oversight and sound policy has created a disgraceful behemoth that employs criminals and polices with the mindset of gangster thugs.

The first story I came across involves the assault of a defendant and his lawyer outside of a courtroom.

public-defender-and-client-beatdown-outside-of-courtroomAccording to Attorney Paula Sen, Anthony Jones was thrown out of a Criminal Justice Center courtroom after becoming upset about having to take off his hat. He continued yelling outside the room, so Sen rushed to calm him down. But as she was de-escalating the situation, six officers allegedly ran up to them, yelling. Sen contends she tried to stand between Jones and the police, before Officer David Chisholm hit her in the back of the head, knocking her to the ground. Then, three officers, including Chisholm, punched Jones, who was bleeding, before others piled onto him on the floor.

Jones has been locked up for a litany of ridiculous charges, police are claiming his lawyer fell down the stairs, and there will be no charges filed against the officers who have a prior history of assault allegations. Cop Block’s own co-founder and resident motherfucker Ademo Freeman was recently wrongly imprisoned for wearing a hat in a courtroom. It is perhaps time that judges spend more time addressing civil liberty issues than their foolish, outdated Victorian-era dress codes and manners.

The second story I encountered involves the arrest of three Philadelphia LEO’s.

Officer Roderick Walton is being charged with Cruelty To Animals.

042315RoderickOn December 15, 2014, the PSPCA received an anonymous tip about an abused dog. A Humane Society police officer was sent to Walton’s home and was led to what police describe as a damp and moldy back basement room where a Cane Corso called “Bear” was located.

Police say the dog was suffering from a broken leg and Walton admitted that the dog was “like that for a week.” The dog, who could not put weight on his broken leg, was dirty, musty and smelled of urine and mold.

When asked why the dog was not taken to a veterinarian for treatment, Walton told police that he was too busy.

Officer Christopher Hulmes is being charged with Perjury, False Swearing, Unsworn Falsifications to Authorities, False Reports to Law Enforcement Authorities, Tampering with Public Records and Information, and Obstructing Administration of Law or Other Governmental Function.

042315hulmesOn the evening of May 7, 2010, police say Officer Hulmes and his partner conducted a narcotics surveillance near H and Thayer Streets resulting in two arrests.

Hulmes prepared the paperwork and affidavit of probable cause for subsequent search warrants. Police say Hulmes testified on two separate occasions and made false statements under oath and on the police paperwork regarding the incident.

Officer Christopher Jackson is charged with Theft and Receiving Stolen Property.

042315jacksonAfter being interviewed by the Homicide Unit, police say Jackson did not return the witness’ cell phone or turn it over to detectives.

A phone record search revealed that, 13 days later, Jackson took the phone to his local mobile store and had it changed over to his account and phone number.


Of course, the City of Philadelphia is taking this all very seriously and understand that it is part of a larger problem inherent in their department and nationwide. Just fuckin’ kiddin’!

“The vast majority of Philadelphia Police Officers are nothing short of good men and women who are dedicated to protecting the citizens of the City of Philadelphia within the law.” -D.A. Seth Williams

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