Update: Ademo’s Released from a Cage and What’s Next

This past Thursday, sorry for the delay in publishing this as CopBlock.org has experienced technical difficulties lately, I was released from Valley Street Jail (or correctional facility – though nothing was corrected, nor did they attempt to correct me) after four days inside. I was sent there because I refused to pay $248 to the “state” (or myself, if we the people are the government) after its employees found me guilty of “Criminal Mischief.”

Below is a video I shot the day of my release, Thursday, January 12th which serves as an update to where the case stands today.

I’d like to thank everyone who emailed, facebooked and commented in support of my actions, I really appreciate it. And to those who disagree and thought I should be caged, that’s fine – freedom of speech.  But, one of two things WILL happen to you. Either you’ll go broke paying to cage everyone the government claims to be a danger or you’ll be caged by the government because they think you’re a danger. It seems for the time being you’re (the ones who disagree) in limbo between the two.


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