Police Trespassing w/o Probable Cause, Slay Deer w/o Reason

A Forest Lake resident informed me of an absurd ending to a wildlife tale that occurred 1/14/2012. He told me about two, 7.5 month old orphaned twin fawns were gunned down at 7 am by a local police officer. The resident was working in his home office when he was startled by the blast of a shotgun just outside of this garage. He said that he though it might have been concrete cracking due to the cold the night before. A few moments later, another loud blast rang out from their deck area. He ran outside to see who was blasting a shotgun in his yard before sunrise.

The resident was shocked to see a Forest Lake police officer standing three yards from a pool of blood that surrounded one of the fawns, the resident called “Abbie”. Needless to say the home owner was livid, wondering why an officer was on his property and why they killed an innocent deer. The officer informed the resident that “the DNR told me to shoot them as they may be diseased.” The resident asked why the officer didn’t knock on the door or call first, but instead started blasting away at 7am. According to the resident, the officer did not reply and then asked the officer if he shot the other fawn. The officer refused to reply. After the resident walked his yard, he found the other fawn, “Pinkie”, laying in a sizable pile pool of blood. The resident said a second officer arrived 5 minutes later, then a third arrived a half an hour later. They then dragged the dead fawns through the yard. The resident informed me that the fawns fought extremely hard through growing without a mother, a hunting season, and natural predators only to be blown away from three yards away.

– Anonymous

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