Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper Harasses and Extorts Broken Down Driver Over Concealed Carry

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Coming back from Texas I had a flat on Hwy 69 just outside of Durant OK. My son had apparently taken my jack, so I could not change my tire. I was in the process of calling my service to come help me and an Oklahoma State Patrol car pulled up behind me. I was so happy, it was a very small shoulder and I had already told my 16yr old daughter to get out of the car, so if we got hit she would not be in danger.

So, I am on the phone, trooper walks up to me and motioned me for my ID…WHAT???….I am on a short shoulder, and this guy wants to check my ID!!! Not fearing anything, I fumbled around, while talking to my service and gave him my DL…

After running my plates, my ID, he came back – I am still on the phone. When he brought a jack with him I was relieved. I got off the phone after canceling the service and told Officer Michael Green that I didn’t want to violate any laws and that I was carrying a sidearm.

I thought he was going to shoot me on the spot!!!

I informed the officer that it was condition one. He still took my weapon, dropped the mag and turned it to himself to check the SN….POINTED AT HIMSELF….he then racked the slide and the chambered round came out. He yells at me…”You said that there was not one in the chamber”. I told him that I said it was condition one. He says’ You need to be more clear about that”….got to love informed LEO’S!!

He takes my weapon and puts it UNDER a blanket on the passenger seat where my daughter was, and puts the mag and the extra round in the glove box.

I change my tire, gave him back his jack and he asked me to get in the patrol car because he has to fill out paperwork for the “assistance stop”.

He then tells my daughter to get back in car…..guess what, she sat on!!!! That is right, my unloaded weapon. She took the weapon and placed it on the dash in front of the passenger seat.

Now I am in his car and he starts to give me the riot act about concealed carry and the like. Meanwhile my 16yr old daughter is in a car with a weapon and knows how to use it…..what an idiot.

Officer Green calls the DA of Bryan County and wants to know what he can charge me with because I didn’t notify him of the weapon. Basically it was told to me, that if I let him search my car for drugs, they would lower the fine. I don’t do drugs and didn’t have any… so what the hell. I just wanted to go home.

Officer Greene, leaving me in his car, goes up to my daughter and starts giving her the riot act, “ If you lie to me, and I find illegal drugs in the car, I don’t care if you’re a 16 year old little girl I will take your dad to jail and take you to a shelter and have your mom come pick you up.” My daughter told me this. He told my daughter to get out of the car and then freaked out!!! He couldn’t find the weapon that he put on the seat, yelled at my daughter, who told him it was on the dash…. still… love these “well trained officers”

After another 45 mins of ripping through all the Christmas presents and finding nothing, Officer Green returned to the car.

Officer Green informs me that I had been arrested for “discharging a firearm while intoxicated” and that I will have to submit to “blow” especially because I have beer on ice in a cooler.

First of all, I was never arrested for anything of the sort, but I blew because I wasn’t drinking… I just wanted out of there.

After the breathalyzer, he then started giving me a lecture again on how I should know that I “have to notify” police officers that I am carrying a weapon. I politely told him that this is not required in Missouri and he told me that it was a “National” law” WHAT? What the hell do they teach these idiots?..

Officer Green kept mentioning that he has a concealed carry license and that we both went to the same training and I should know better. Again, I just wanted out of there, but I should have told him that the Florida license requires only a DD214 to get a license.

Here is the kicker, and no one should ever doubt that this is a money making machine. Officer Green said that if I wanted to I could go to the courthouse right now and pay the fine and I could be on my way. I told him to write the ticket and I will handle it another way.

He did. I got a ticket for failure to notify – $211.50.

I nor my daughter were ever searched.

– Zeke, “I asked for the cam footage, was told that I have to get a subpoena…”

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