First Amendment Audit and Owning a Nosey U.S. Marshal


*The post below was sent to via the submission tab by Larry Freeman. It’s posted in its entirety with minimal editing for publication.*

Date of Incident: April 24th, 2015
Individuals Involved: Unidentified U.S. Marshal
LOCATION: 1125 Chapline St, Wheeling, WV 26003
Phone: (304) 232-2980

On Friday April 24, 2014 I decided to do a First Amendment audit of the Federal Building in downtown Wheeling, WV. The Federal Building is located on the corner of 12th and Chapline street. I arrived at around 1:30 pm and began taking video footage of the building. I started at the corner of the building and did a couple still shots and pan shots, before moving directly across the street from the front entrance.

I took several shots of the glass on the building as it had some cool art on it. I moved around to the 10th street side and took more video. I then walked along the sidewalk right in front of the Federal Building and walked end to end with the camera. I saw security watching me, but they never came out to inquire as to what I was doing. To be honest, they didn’t really seem all that interested in what I was doing.

I was actually feeling pretty good about how the audit went and thought those security guys had their shit together by recognizing that I was doing NOTHING ILLEGAL. I decided to walk down Chapline St. to the Ohio County Courthouse/Wheeling Police Department and do the same audit. Within minutes of arriving for the second audit, I was approached by a US Marshal that would only identify himself as a Marshal and only flashed a badge and no id.

You will see from the footage that he was professional and courteous in his interaction with me. He also replied that my walking around the Federal Building and taking video was not illegal. My problem with the interaction is that it should never have taken place to begin with. His refusal to give me his name was counter productive on his part. Had he provided his name, I may have been more inclined to have a more voluntary interaction with him.

After he refused to give me his name, I simply asked if I was being detained. He said, “You are not.” So I bid him a good day and he walked away. He walked across the street to the PD to tell them I was outside recording. When he came back out I told him to look at YouTube if he wanted to see what the video was about. I then followed him back down the street to the Federal Building where he jay walked for the second time after our interaction. As a big F you, I walked right back to the front of the Federal Building and shot some more video just for spite.

Contact US Marshal Gary Gaskins at the Northern District office and ask about their policy of marshals identifying themselves. Ask why they would bother someone videotaping a building when the same footage is readily available from google maps and google street view.

Northern District of West Virginia (N/WV)
U.S. Marshal: Gary M. Gaskins
U.S. Courthouse
500 W. Pike Street
P.O. Box 2807
Clarksburg, WV 26302
(304) 623-0486

– Larry Freeman



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  • Boko Hos

    Great job. Rub their fuckin’ noses in it.

  • t

    Jaywalker. No my.

  • Common Sense

    “Shot more video for spite.”

    Another powerful blow against tryannical architecture.

  • t

    Hey….he jaywalked. This is serious.

    Maybe this guy could call the SAC instead of just being a sack

  • steve

    OOhh mmyy God. The crime of the century. Just think he took his own time to do a 1st amendment audit all on his own.

  • Scheidde

    I see no link to any video at all ??

  • keepitreal

    Maybe he could. If there was a SAIC in the Marshall’s office. Instead of a Chief Deputy US Marshall. SAIC isn’t a marshall title.

  • t

    It worked for the joke there shitbag

  • CopsKill

    Hey you bag of shit, you’re not funny and neither are any of your so called jokes ass wipe.

    Never trust cops.

  • Greg Matrey

    I’m not sure which is worse, abusive cops or abusive people like you CopsKill, sounds like you need to have a cop detain you and treat you with the same aggressiveness as in your comment, maybe that will adjust your attitude, then you can decide whose side your on.

  • JC

    So where is the video? Ademo, you always used to say no video, it didn’t happen.

  • CopsKill

    Who said it hasn’t happened. I know where I stand when it comes to the violence and abuse caused by the MRC…(Militarized Revenue Collectors).
    Now when it comes to my abuse towards t and now starting on JC, they’ve earned that. Cops or not, their comments towards blatant violence and abuse caused by police caught on video has proven to cause rage among many readers.
    t has pissed me off more by all the insults he throws out at people than some of the insults he has given me. If you go back through the history of articles on this site you can see I’m not alone.

  • steve

    What a hero

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  • James Michael

    Well they did assault, batter, torture and kidnap a man on Florida, for jaywalking so apparently it is a pretty heinous wrong……..

  • whoopsydoodoo

    Think that’s bad, selling a cigarette in New York city is an executable offense