Defending My Rights and Cussing Out a Chino Cop

The video below was sent to via the submission tab by Steven Southfield. Before we discuss this let’s watch the video of Steve and Chino Police Officer M. Johnson.

I was Cop-Watching and I arrived 2 minutes before the Police did. They were upset that I have arrived before them and started to pretend that I was involved in the audible alarm. I cussed them out and after they walked around the business they said I was free to go. I called them every name in the book and the other cops knew exactly who we were. They played the game and so I played it back. Defend your rights and it will help you. – Steven Southfield

M. Johnson, Officer of Chino PD
Phone #: (909) 628-1234

Luckily for Steven, he seems to know his rights and had a video camera (or smartphone) with him. Had he not, this could have ended very differently, especially with his choice of words for the police officers. Not to imply that what he said was wrong, clearly Steven is upset due to the officer’s harassment of him and his friend, but just to reference that most the times when you speak to the police this way you end up in jail. Though the camera reduces that likelihood as well as knowing your rights – which is what Steven is proving by repeatedly asking, “Am I Free to Go?

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