Cop Blocking the Parma OH Police Safety Fair 2015|Video

Parma Police had a safety fair Saturday, where they rolled out all their biggest and baddest toys. They brought out the Parma police badgebearcat, the bomb squad, the helicopter, and the dogs. They fingerprinted children, opened up the justice center to tours, (still no filming inside though!) and had games. But those of us at Greater Cleveland Cop Block, could not let them have all the fun! We had to make sure people got both sides of the story.

That other side is that, while Parma has a good apprehension rate, they still have officers like Manzo and OGrady on the force. Officers who will lie in court, on their reports, and to your face! Officers that value the code of silence of the thin blue line, that permeates police departments everywhere, over people’s rights. Officers who feel they should have the power to “slap people around” when they feel it’s warranted.

People need to understand the police are allowed to lie to you, while lying to them is a crime. People need to realize the mean face of their local police department that accompanies the nice face they put on with fairs like this to get people to trust them. Parma is not a “bad” police department, but they do employ a few guys that I would not want to meet on the streets without having a video camera on me!

A short list of Parma cops that do not fit with the theme of this safety fair, or Parma polices’ own mission statement, is as follows:

  • James Manzo- Brutalized a 16 year old kid. The department settled out of court for 40,000 dollars. Still working. Thinks it’s a joke.
  • Thomas Ogrady- K9 cop. I have personal experience with him lying to cover his ass on my arrest, while I was blocking a checkpoint in Parma. He has been fired and rehired to the Parma police force once before. The scariest part of him being a K9 officer is he is training other K9 officers.
  • Seminak?- He sits on private property, where he can not see people who stop at the stop sign on Tuxedo ave. He then tickets people for not coming to a complete stop at the sign. He has been witnessed by me not using turn signals, speeding, illegally parking, using his lights to blow red lights, and not coming to a complete stop at stop signs. All offenses that, while I think they are victimless crimes, he has been rolling around Parma citing people for the same things!
  • Stasiak- Has not heard the Supreme Court decision that allows people to flip off cops. Pulled a friend over for it. Parma court dismissed the case immediately when he showed up with a lawyer. Also a motorcycle cop that thinks his motorcycle can be driven and parked on the sidewalk.
  • Then there is the other motorcycle cop that parks his motorcycle on the sidewalk, trying to hide behind bushes to take radar. There are others, whose names I do not know at this time, that I have witnessed pulling a lot of the same stunts, but don’t worry boys. I’ll find out who you are sooner or later!

The message I have for all cops in the Greater Cleveland Cop Block area is, “If you would betray your oath in order to protect your buddies who break the law, you better quit or retire or whatever, right now! Because if you don’t, you will find yourselves on the Ohio Cop Block Youtube channels that are popping up all over Ohio! We will find you and put all your misdeeds on the internet. I don’t care if you are in Columbus, Canton, Sandusky, Cleveland, Akron, Cincinatti, Dayton, Beaver Creek, Belmont County,  Cuyahoga Falls or where ever! Break the law and we will make you famous!”

“When you put your badges on in the morning, you better remember that Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights!

There are far more people who are willing to film cops than there are cops and that number is growing everyday! The more dirty cops we hear about, the more cop blockers you will create!


Chuck U Farley

currently lives in Parma, OH where he started CopBlocking in 2012 after his arrest at police checkpoint. He's the founder of GreaterCleveland CopBlock, admin of OhioCopBlock, Store manager and contributor. ____________________________________________________________________________ If you'd like to support DEO's work consider joining the CopBlock Network and/or the Store. ____________________________________________________________________________ You can also keep up with DEO on Facebook and YouTube