DEA Agents Fear Cameras and Need Help From Local Police to Intimidate

The DEA is afraid of cameras too.  Today I went to the DEA‘s Albany District Office located at 10 Hastings Drive Latham, NY 12110.  I expected someone to come out but and ask the obvious questions. Yet, today they asked me, “Do you work for the company”, which took me by surprise. I had never been asked that before. When you watch spy movies they say stuff like that. So what is the DEA doing hiding on a dead end road with no signs to show where they are? They got very defensive when asked what are you hiding? Because government agency’s always follow the law and their mandates.

The “war on drugs” has cost America too much. We cage people for having a plant. A plant that is proven to help more then most prescribed drugs. Prescription drugs have many side effects and kills people, but because the government makes money off of it, it is ok. We have more caged people than any other country. Things need to change, and the “war on drugs” is a good place to start. Like I said in the video, I do not smoke drink or do any drugs but even I can see marijuana is not a threat to people and taking away their freedom over it is not right. We don’t need a police state to tell us how to live. As adults it is up to each person to find their own path to living happy and free.

The unknown DEA agent starts with terrorist motives and only after I question has the DEA ever been targeted by terrorists he moves on to say drug dealers target them. Then he gets into the safety of agents who could be identified in the video. If an undercover agent drives to the head quarters while under cover, that would be the stupidest thing they could do.

They start to lie when saying they can make me show ID. I call them out on that so they call the Colonie Police for help. The agent tries to be polite but at the same time is trying every tactic to ID me and intimidate me. Only after I had enough and start to walk away do they “escort” me, or in other words, follow and intimidate. They even follow me into a store across the street. While in the store an employee helped make a disturbing point about law enforcement today. People have fear of them and mistrust. In the comments section below please share why you mistrust law enforcement. Me I don’t trust them because they lie and intimidate, look at the end of the video Colonie Police sent multiple cars out to find and follow me. Where is the Trust Honor and Integrity?



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