Denver Police Tourist Trap

(Sorry, the first part is pretty shaky) I was dropping off a rental car 1/19/11 in Denver. There are thousands of rental cars in a section of Denver airport. This thug in a blacked out unmarked pickup was targeting visitors and tourists dropping off rental cars. The roads around the area are quite confusing and obviously everyone is from out of town. While pulling in, this man in a police outfit had a different driver pulled over in the drop off lanes of this busy car rental place. He had the other guy stopped in the same area again blocking traffic. In this particular video he is taking up 2 of the car agency’s busy lanes significantly interrupting business. I spoke with the citizen on this video on the shuttle to the terminal and he said he was cited for not coming to a complete stop during a right turn on a red light. His ticket was for $167. He said it was a 4 point violation. He also said he hadn’t had a traffic citation in over 15 years.

by: fromjanesville2waukesha

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