2 East Cleveland Police Officers Suspended After 2 Years Of Complaints

Details are hazy so far as to what exactly the nature of the complaints are, but according to the reporter in the video below, states that both Sergeant Torris Moore and Officer Eric Jones have been suspended due to complaints going all the way back to 2013. Officer Jones Later resigned amid both and internal and external investigation. Give it up for the tenacity of the people of East Cleveland; 2 years is a lot of complaining to do. Hell, if my burger is cooked wrong, I get a new one on the spot at a restaurant. But because of the monopoly granted to police, they too often have no accountability or oversight, so while it is unfortunate that it took 2 years for any action to happen in the first place, at least one of these thugs are off the streets.

The mayor, Gary Nortan, talked a good game saying that “Each complaint that comes into the Mayor’s office is investigated. We take those threats seriously.” And “In our city we must police the police”. but he also declined to comment on what exactly these complaints were, so it’s hard to say if he is really on the side of transparency, or just trying to maintain a cool stance in this increasingly escalating relationship between the people and the police. Details will supposedly spill out in the coming weeks as the investigations progress.

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