Incremental Liberty

This post comes to us from Difster who’s contributed many solid posts to in the past. Despite that track record I was initially hesitant to share his most-recent write-up as it focuses first on politics and only tangentially on police accountability. But, after chewing on it a bit I thought it’d be alright as it seeks to start a conversation about ideas, from which all actions are derived. Ideas have consequences, and bad ideas (such as the idea that someone with a certain costume or title has the right to control another) have bad consequences. I thought about first doing a response essay to tease-out areas where I differ with Difster but instead, at the bottom of the post, shared a video that I created earlier this year, which encourages current Ron Paul supporters and other advocates of freedom to take their views to their logical conclusions and act accordingly. -Pete

This post isn’t specifically about the police, it’s about liberty and voluntaryism but there is a tangential effect on policing as well because the general attitudes of liberty in society. But those attitudes end up reflecting how policing gets done.

Many of you don’t vote because you feel that it is just supporting the oppressive system that we never agreed to. I understand and respect that position. I want to convince you that in this upcoming Presidential election cycle, there is one man worth voting for. Ron Paul is definitely a friend of liberty. Yes, he’s a Congressman, he works in the system and he’s part of the system. But he’s a staunch advocate of liberty.

Does Ron Paul support exactly the kind of liberty you’re looking for? Perhaps not, but what he supports and what he’s capable of getting done if he occupies that office is far closer to what you want than any other candidate will offer. We’ll see an end to the expensive bloody wars that are killing our troops, endangering the United States by way of retaliation. If he can get some of his economic ideas implemented, it will save us from further enslavement of our children to debt that we didn’t ask for.

Electing a President that is very much on the right track in regards to liberty and supports your goals is a good first step to getting to a truly voluntaryist society. With someone like Ron Paul in office, the subject of liberty will be more on the mind of the public. It will be a launching point that allows us to get creative with voluntaryist ideas and get the message of liberty to a wider audience.

It costs you nothing to support Ron Paul by voting. In some states that don’t have an open primary system, you might have to hold your nose and register as a Rethuglican, but you can undo that after the primary vote.

We need all the help we can get. Incremental liberty is better than the path we’ve been going down. It will take time to turn back the tide, but it can’t all be done at once.


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