Better Than A Cop: The Unknown Hero

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Joshua Murdock simply went to get some ice cream one Monday evening in April, when all the sudden, he was jumped by approximately six to 10 young adults. It all started when Murdock was leaving the ice cream shop and was approached by a few of the young men who asked if they could ride his son’s scooter. When Murdock declined he was attacked by the group who kicked, punched and beat him with objects like sticks and chains. That’s when a man pulled over and saved him, according to WMAZ:

“All of a sudden I heard them say someone is coming. They got the stuff out of my pockets, too the money from me and they took off running.”

Turns out someone saw the attack, stopped their car and got out to help.

That man also drove Murdock home, where he called police.

Murdock says he asked for the man’s name, but the Good Samaritan never gave it to him.

“Whoever he is I’m thankful for him. I feel for sure he really saved my life, had it not been for him I don’t think I’d be here today,” he said.

beat1Murdock’s injuries included many scrapes, bruises and a few broken ribs but is expected to recover. He’s extremely thankful for the good samaritan who saved his life and hopes to be able to thank him one day. Keeping with the theme of these “Better than a Cop” stories, the person who helped didn’t leave their name, phone number or anything. IMO, the people who conduct themselves in such a way are doing so because they feel what the did was right. They don’t require praise for doing the right thing, unlike cops, who are never around when you actually need them but still demand respect, praise and more for their poor ass protection services.

Not this guy, not most of the “Better Than a Cop” stories I write. In fact, most of them don’t even have anything close to the technology or weaponry the police have, yet they save lives. This guy didn’t have a gun, decked out police cruiser, radio or gang of brothers to back him up. All he had was the courage to stop and approach the hoodlums and that’s all it took to end this initiation of force (probably all it would take to end most acts of aggression). Murdock’s hero clearly did what he felt was right and that’s far better than what any cop would have done. This is why the “Unknown Hero” is this week’s “Better Than a Cop” story.

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