Whiny Entitled Pig Sues Starbucks Over Free Cup of Coffee

Officer Safety CupThis story comes to us from Raleigh, North Carolina, where a police officer is suing Starbucks after he spilled the free cup of coffee they gave him on himself. Lieutenant Matthew Kohr claims that the coffee that he was freely given, out of what now appears to be obviously misguided kindness, did not have a secure lid when it was handed to him. As a result of this maddening contraption, Lt. Kohr dumped the scalding contents onto his own person, and claims to have suffered stress and further medical issues since the incident.

That's a damn fine cup of lawsuit!
That’s a damn fine cup of lawsuit!

The lawsuit initially included the maker of the cup, but as jury selection begins, Starbucks remains as the sole defendant. Kohr’s wife, apparently a fellow greedy little fuck-monkey, joins the officer as plaintiff in the suit for ‘intimate loss of her partner’. One grotesque illustration of the backfiring of kindness and copsucking, and several limp dicks later, Starbucks is about to learn what the people who can’t afford to drink their coffee already know – never trust the police.

How is somebody who cannot be responsible for holding a cup of joe and making sure he doesn’t go full-toddler on it allowed to roam our streets with a badge and a gun? If you do not have the basic dexterity and sense of precaution needed to hold a simple coffee cup without prematurely squeezing it and causing its contents to do harm, who the hell is putting you anywhere near a trigger? Even if we were to excuse his bumbling clumsiness as acceptable, what kind of litigious court-clogging clown sues over a product they were freely given?

banner420The state’s servants of the the citizens, police especially, have developed this incredibly entitled attitude. They have become akin to angry, stompy toddlers whose demands, dictates and desires can never fully be satisfied. Their insistence on having their expectations fulfilled at every level of social activity and discourse reveals a group of adults who cling to some delusional ideology that they are better and more deserving than the average human being. The level of childish fantasy and personal delusion illustrated here and by numerous other examples of LEO entitlement are unmatched outside of Congress and Hollywood. The big, strong, brave cops who are supposed to protect us are often nothing more than frightened, greedy little children who don’t seem to care about protecting or serving anyone but themselves.

At the same time, come on Starbucks. Coffee is black. Did you really think a cop would know how to handle it calmly and rationally?


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Alia Atreides

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  • keepitreal

    You know, a lot more non-cops have sued for the same reason. And did you really write “stompy”? Really? And “The state’s servants of the the citizens….”. LOL. But, seeing the picture of you on your web site with the joint hanging out of your face, it all becomes clear.

  • Sarina Amira McBride

    This article is awesome. Made me laugh and HAD to share lol

  • Brian Reese

    Im sure the coffee at starbucks isnt as hot as the others who have sued. since the mcdonalds incident they watch this kind of thing at coffee shops specifically.

  • Joshua Scott Hotchkin

    Drum tobacco. Hand rolled cigarette. Idiot.

  • Joshua Scott Hotchkin

    Thanks, Sarina. ?

  • t

    Lick my ass copsucker.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Just to get it straight, they brewed at 195 to 205 but served at 180 to 190 (why the latter temp I don’t know). The 180 temp was the upper limit recommended by some coffee organizations for serving; the higher brewing temperature is why most automatic brewers using a lower temp make lousy coffee.

    Do I agree that they served too hot?, yes. Serving coffee at the upper limit of temperature to people in cars, in cups only stabilized if the top is firmly secured, isn’t very bright.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Yep, and Starbucks likely has a hold temp of 165 to 175, which is 25 to 35 degrees hotter than the old recommend for household hot water.

    The Oxford does list “stompy” as an adjective, but I had the same initial response as you. Really, stompy?

  • t

    So…..he doesn’t have the same rights as you?

  • tz1

    He shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Starbucks bans guns (apparently except in Wyoming). They should have told him to leave, not give him free coffee.
    Starbucks is paying for making an exception.

  • keepitreal

    Yeah, sure it is.

  • keepitreal

    No thanks, I’m hetero, and actually think that type of thing is nasty. But feel free to indulge as you will, it is, after all, a free country.

  • keepitreal

    Went and looked again. Pretty green in color to be tobacco.

  • Sikko

    You do realize that it’s an American thing, not an LEO entitlement thing.

    I mean, napkins are given free to customers of McDonald’s, and yet they have been sued for not giving enough napkins (#3 on the link). Or Google being sued for providing free directions (#5 at the link).

    Let us not forget to mention that recent CopBlock hero, Nebraska state senator Ernie Chambers, tried to sue god (#13 at the link)


  • JC

    I saw this on the news. While I disagree with the officer, I can’t help but to think how copblockers and freekeene bring frivolous lawsuits all the time. YouTube has a number of videos showing copblockers and freekeene activists suing for stupid things. The little rant at the end of the article really applies to you and all the other activists on this site.

  • Shawn

    “You do realize that it’s an American thing, not an LEO entitlement thing.”

    People tend to expect more honor from a cop, than they do trailer trash.

    We here know better than to trust cop ethics.

  • Sikko

    Frivolous lawsuits come from people of all walks of life, we look at the ridiculousness of many of them and laugh, but it is not a phenomenon that is prevalent amongst “trailer trash.”

    More honor from a cop? Well this one is seeking roughly $10,000 in damages, where the average American that files a suit of this sort would be seeking 10-100 times that amount, so there’s that.

  • Starbucks is crazy too

    Oh well Starbucks CEO is a crazy cop loving socialist. He probably thinks this sort of thing is great PR and would never think cops are bad.

    And there is nothing more American than suing, the only problem is the loser of the lawsuit should pay all court fees and a set amount of lawyer fees for the winner. That will stop some of these frivolous lawsuits.

  • Sikko

    I definitely agree that we should adjust to a loser pays system.

  • Lawsuit

    Most people misunderstand the McDonald’s Coffee lawsuit. It was a ruling against a company knowing from their own studies that the cups they used were unsafe but they chose to keep using them because of cost. So the judge presented with this evidence was able to give punitive damages because McDonald’s knew a problem existed and chose profit over safety.

    It was a punishement so companies like McDonald’s learn not to put profit before safety.

    If this cop can’t prove that Starbucks knew their cups were unsafe being handled by the legal definition of an average person then he should lose. Assuming Starbucks doesn’t settle.

  • micksavage

    my how squeamish

  • t

    I hear that…loser pays. Out an end to the nonsense lawsuit

    This particular suit is different though. He ended up having surgery and all kinds of thins from this incident.

    I wonder what the cup manufacturer settled with him for?

  • Sikko

    His wife being an additional plaintiff in the suit certainly makes a difference, especially with them only seeking $10,000.

    Loser pays is the surest way to end the frivolous suits, like those in the link I provided above. It would certainly lead to a lot fewer unscrupulous lawyers, which is always a good thing.

  • whoopsydoodoo

    That is why you cannot just simply hand that type of power to anyone by simple investiture of a mythical organization calling itself “the State”. In real life, individuals who want that type of power must earn it by providing actual services to individuals who want those services. But in a way, police are not the problem anymore than politicians. Their practices may be criminal in nature, but they are not the source of the problem. The problem is, the masses who believe that the State and its agents have some intrinsic authority over all of mankind. They are the ones lost in childish fantasy and delusion

  • whoopsydoodoo

    Well, as you believe that cops and non-cops have different standards of responsibility for their behavior, what a non-cop does has little bearing on what a cop does, or should do, in this situation

  • keepitreal

    I believe that, do I? And you base this on what? How the fuck do you know what my beliefs are?

  • keepitreal

    Can’t help it. The thought of engaging in that type of behavior does make me sqeamish, as you put it. Also nauseous. But I don’t, however, condemn anybody for rolling that way. If you want to be gay, be gay. And have fun doing it.

  • whoopsydoodoo

    Based on the statements you’ve made in this forum. Should I have assumed that you come here to spout non-beliefs?

    For example, you recently defended police who violated the property rights of the parents of a child that had gone missing when the family SUV was stolen. Police entered the family home against the wishes of the property owner. Are you now saying that you would provide me similar defense if I got it into my head that someone had committed a crime and so forced my way into his home?

  • KillEmAll

    I really wanted to add something to this article….but couldn’t! Josh covered it perfectly!

  • Reinarenegada

    So, the cop freely admitted to accepting a bribe?

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Here’s the winnowing: 700 cases versus how many cups sold. If 100 million cups sold, then 0.07 % resulted in some degree of injury. If the real number of cases should be 7000, then 0.7%. If the number of cups sold is a billion, then it goes back to 0.07%. So goes the numbers.

    I agree that the real issue is the stability of the cups (using Starbucks as the counterpose), but that wasn’t the issue in the media.

  • eAbyss

    That last paragraph says it all.

  • Mij Swerdna

    Very funny!

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