GA 10 yr Old’s Mom Has Cops Perform Mock Arrest Because He Was “Being Rude to His Teacher & Not Doing His Work”

Sean Hill arestOn Monday, May 4th, the police department in Columbus, GA received a call from the mother of a 10 yr. old child, Sean, for what she describes as, “Being rude to his teacher and not doing his work for the last few weeks”. Surprisingly, The department actually sent officers to the home, handcuffed the child, put him in the police vehicle, proceeded to go as far as to turn on the sirens and “step off the brakes just to give him a little scare”, according to one of the officers involved.

While this child was forcibly detained in police custody, taken from his home, put in the back of a cop car like a criminal, whether it be by his mother’s request or not, is this a form of “discipline” or terror? How do the people of Columbus and the rest of this country feel about their hard earned money being taken from them to pay for the resources it took to respond to a call because a parent felt she could not “handle” her own child, and decided to have the mercenaries of the State possibly traumatize him into compliance?

The question of the professionalism of the Columbus, GA Police Department comes under high scrutiny for it’s allowance of their state-employed law enforcers to respond in such situations as this.

If Child Protective Services were called on a parent in the city of Columbus GA, those very same officers could have come and questioned or possibly had the the child taken from the home if they found him handcuffed by his mother.

Chquitq Hill has been a very verbal about her satisfaction at the outcome of this event, going on local News saying,

“I don’t know what they said to him but he came running down the hill, gave me a big hug said, ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”

She has also proudly posted photos of the entire event to her social networking sites.


While there are violent crimes taking place, cops are now spending their time scaring children by what they call a “mock arrest”. It is nothing more than parent-consented kidnapping.

The address and phone number for the Columbus PD is below. If you feel so inclined, give them a call, let them know your opinion of what happened to Sean Hill yesterday at his home.

Columbus Police Department: 1441 Benning Dr. #3 Columbus, GA
: (706) 653-3334

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Photo’s by Chquitq Hill


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