Tyler Paxson Trial Begins in Lima Ohio

The above video is dashcam from the Tyler Paxson beating. You all may remember, Lima Allen County CopBlock broke the story of Tyler Paxson, who was beaten by Lima Ohio Police last summer. In the video, you can hear Tyler answering the officers questions, the audio breaks for a minute, and then you can hear an officer yelling, “stop resisting!” Another officer immediately runs over and the next thing you know Tyler is being thrown in the back of a police car bloody and beaten. You can then hear the officers trying to justify their actions to each other in an attempt to get the story straight.

I find it interesting that when the one officer starts yelling “STOP RESISTING!” That the other officer comes running as if that is some kind of “broken arrow,” call for help among these officers. Like when one of them yells “STOP RESISTING,” all nearby officers respond with force regardless of the reality of the situation.

tyler-paxson-post-lima-police-beating-copblockThe Lima police then admit telling a witness to the beating, in an SUV to “Just leave, get out of here.” The audio is conveniently missing from the part where Lima police say that after his arrest, Tyler continues to be aggressive. From the time he is thrown into the car to the end of the video, Paxson remains in the same position as when he is thrown into the car. He is bloody and beaten and doesn’t appear to be capable of more aggression. At some point an officer opens the door and attempts to talk to Tyler. This is the part where the audio is mysteriously missing.

From what I can see, Tyler appears to be begging to be taken to a hospital, and is trying to figure out why they beat him so severely. He is breathing very heavily in the video, and that is what it looks like to me. The local news reports:

“The trial begins for a 19 year old Spencerville man accused of assaulting a police officer during an arrest made last summer.

Tyler Paxson is accused of hitting officer Nate Garlock during a July 12th incident.  The Lima Police Department was called to the 100 block of Haller Street in Lima at about three in the morning because of a large crowd partying in the street.

Garlock testified that Paxson was found behind an apartment building, refused to hand over identification, and appeared drunk.

At issue, is if Paxson assaulted Garlock during the arrest.  Prosecutors say Paxson hit Garlock twice and displayed pictures of scrapes and cuts on Garlock from that morning.

However, Paxson’s attorney pointed out that on reports from the incident, a box was checked indicating there was no injury to officers.

An internal investigation cleared officers of using excessive force.”

Lima Allen County CopBlock originally reported the character assassination that was taking place by Lima police at the time, but the tox screen revealed no other intoxicants besides alcohol, as the Lima police would have you believe. So that being said, and with the local reporting that they lied about the officers injuries, wouldn’t it stand to reason they would lie about other aspects of the case? Then it follows, that they lie about a lot of things? Not only in this case but in many cases they create with these tactics? There is a “Justice for Tyler” Facebook page setup for it. Tyler’s mother is active with Lima Allen County CopBlock, perhaps when we get done dealing with Zanesville police, and who deleted Herbs video, we should head over to Lima next?

Pledge $1/month to help spread the message that, "Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights."
Pledge $1/month to help spread the message that, “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights.”

Chuck U Farley

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