Tyler Paxson Found Not Guilty of Assault on an Officer in Lima, Ohio

Tyler Paxson aquitI blogged yesterday about Tyler Paxson, the young man beaten by Lima Ohio police, and the trial beginning? Well he has been found not guilty today! Congratulations Tyler! 1 day trial that ends in your acquittal! Now we can talk about the fact that Lima police lied on the reports when they claim that Tyler attacked them right? I have been in contact with Tylers Mother, who is the Lima Allen County CopBlock Facebook page admin. She said, “We are suing the fuck out of them!” and “Yes! Tyler and I will be on Copblockradio next week!!!!!!”

The local news reported:

Jurors have deliberated and the verdict is in for Tyler Paxson. The 19 year old Spencerville man facing one count of assault of an officer was found not guilty tonight. As Judge Cheney read the verdict tonight in Allen County Common Pleas Court. Sighs of relief were heard from Paxson’s family in the court room. Jurors deliberated today for about 3 and a half hours before they reached a not guilty verdict. During closing arguments earlier today jurors heard conflicting testimony between officer accounts and eye witness accounts. Officers say Paxson was combative when they tried to subdue and arrest him. However, Paxson’s friend, two neighbors and Paxson himself describe the officers beating the 19 year old without him resisting. Paxson was facing the possibility of 18 months behind bars.

18 months behind bars. For having the shit kicked out of you by 4 lyin-ass cops! I’m glad and Im sure Tyler and his family are also glad for this outcome. Now I want to get to Lima and CopBlock some Lima cops! Looking forward to talking to you on the radio show next week. Until then remember, “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights


Chuck U Farley

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