CopBlocking an OVI Checkpoint in Columbus, Ohio

banner420In the video above, the Columbus, Ohio police are conducting another OVI checkpoint. It was the usual rights violating checkpoint, where people are stopped for no other reason than being on the road at the wrong time. The police “randomly” select people to go through their checkpoint and while the car is in the checkpoint cops inspect their plates, seat belts, and visually (or illegally) search the vehicle with their flashlights.

The cops at this particular checkpoint were friendly on the face, as seen by our conversation with the Lieutenant, but there were multiple times where they attempted to mess with us. Also seen in the video is an officer yelling at me for attempting to talk to a driver (in the Black SUV) after they were pulled into the secondary area for telling the officer to not look into their vehicle, after I stated to them they don’t have to allow him to search.

There was also a time where three cops searched the grass by my feet and though I personally feel that they were looking for their souls, they probably thought I had littered or something. Yet, it proves that they were looking for any little reason to remove us from that public stretch of sidewalk.

A few blocks up from the checkpoint, at the intersection we had set up on to divert traffic, many of us also faced further harassment. Our cars were all targeted and forced to be moved from the Speedway, of course, the police claim it was at the business’ request, but I’m pretty sure it was after the police suggested it. While attempting to move my car, I was cited for jaywalking (see video below), because it’s not safe to cross the street unless you use government provided crosswalks. Even though I made it across the street just fine, my actions were deemed illegal and I was kept safe by being issued a ticket.

Other than the police intimidation (that doesn’t work) it was a very successful night of CopBlocking. We diverted 100’s of drivers from the checkpoint and handed out 100’s of CopBlock informational flyers as well. Check out some of the other CopBlocking checkpoint videos in the playlist below, including a great video from my good friend – PurpleHat1991 – about the morality of Police Checkpoints.

Until next time, stay safe and remember, “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights.”

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