Dash Camera Giveaway & The Importance of Recording the Police (VIDEO) by PurpleHat1991

photoChris Voluntaryist, who’s on YouTube as PurpleHat1991, created the video above highlighting the importance of recording the police. In the video Chris discusses the Scott Walker and Eric Garner cases, where both men were murdered by police officers. Both incidents were caught on camera and became national (if not worldwide) news because someone had the courage to capture the moments on video. Without the video, as Chris points out, these cases most likely would have been swept under the rug and not another thought put into them. Instead, these stories are tragic examples of why everyone should film every single police encounter they see or have.

Chris isn’t just putting the idea of “filming the police” out there with this video and his work. He’s also trying to provide others with the tools to film the police. Chris utilizes a small dash cam to film some of this videos, primarily the checkpoint related ones (see here). Recently he purchased a new dashcam and is holding a contest that will conclude with him giving away his old (yet, functional) dash cam. All you have to do is either subscribe to his YouTube Channel or “LIKE” his Facebook page for your chance to win.

See his video, which is embedded below, for the details:

Chris is just one example of the many folks out there doing great things when it comes to spreading the message that, “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights.” If you’re looking to connect with other CopBlockers visit the CopBlock.org Groups page or if you’d like to become active at CopBlock.org contact us. We’re always looking for contributors, videographers, and graphic designers.

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Ademo Freeman

was born and raised in Wisconsin, traveled the country in a RV dubbed “MARV” and is an advocate of a voluntary society, where force is replaced with voluntary interactions. He’s partaken in projects such as, Motorhome Diaries, Liberty on Tour, Free Keene, Free Talk Live and is the Founder of CopBlock.org.

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  • JC

    Why don’t you give it to the police. You copblockers are always whining about the police. Of course with the body cams they have now, that copblockers have been lobbying for, are already showing what really happens and copblockers are still not happy.

  • Virtualfrog

    JC- You are an idiot. Do you actually believe that body cams make everything alright? First the cops turn them off or claim they were not working. This normally happens when they are doing something very wrong. Like shoot unarmed people. They are passing laws that make in impossible to get a copy of the video without a court order. Anything a cop can do to cover things up. In short, body cams have not stopped the wrong doing by cops so why should we stop watching them? There is a long way to go in controlling a cops “I am the boss of you” actions and attitude.

    I have a dash cam and have used it only when a lady hit me. She lied until I told the cops and insurance company that I had clear video of her.

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  • RipRap

    JC, Jerkoff Cop, is just a terrible troll. Watch as he crawls back under his badge.

  • CopsKill

    It would be different if the MRC couldn’t turn off the camera when they want. The cops can turn away from action and turn cameras off at will.

    You are always whining fuck face.

  • JC

    Tough shit. Activists have been whining about police having body cams. Now they are slowly being implemented and whiny activists like you are still not satisfied.

  • CopsKill

    You got me all wrong. For one, I’m not an activist, I just comment on these stories posted. I can’t be an activist because I believe “we” are too far gone for my opinion…or single vote…to matter any more. The federal government refuses to do what the public wants anymore and this trickles down the ladder. It’s all about protecting their policies and jobs, not the public. The MRC are used as their weapon to control the public.

    Maybe not in my life time, there will be another civil war.

    The body cameras…I applaud the attempt at what they are trying to do, but until the cameras run all the time without being able to be turned off by the MRC wearing them, or the view conveniently being able to be turned away from the action I feel it’s just a waste of money.

    You, in my opinion, are a piece of shit asshole that does nothing but try to stir shit up like t. No matter if you are what you claim to be or not, you and others like you are despicable.

    Never trust police….or t, or JC

  • JC

    Why should they run all the time? Want them running when the officer takes a shit or eats? Not going to happen. You are the only piece of shit asshole. I have a right to my opinions. If you don’t like them, don’t read them and certainly don’t respond to them. Spare me your paranoia rants. They mean nothing.

  • CopsKill

    Lol…you are the one that’s paranoid, and you mean nothing. Just like your comments you post…mean nothing.

    Of course it wont happen, the MRC need a way out and turning off a camera is that exactly.

  • Riley Long

    And we won’t be happy you dumbass until private citizens like YOU and me stopped getting beaten and killed by police. Body cams are ok but they’re just a drop in the bucket. They don’t solve anything. As someone has already pointed out, though I’m sure you didn’t do anymore reading than you have to, the police can and do turn body cams off at will, they’ve already been caught doing it. And if they don’t turn them off the footage sometimes magically seems to disappear. Some states are trying to pass laws to keep police camera footage from being seen by the public all together. Why would your beloved police do this if they have nothing to hide? Pull your head out of your ass man, copblockers are doing this for you, your family and your loved ones, because it could be one of them next time police “fear for their life.”

  • Dave Engelman

    A dashcam would be awesome here on Long Island, the cops here are constantly committing traffic violations that would see one of us mundanes getting tons of tickets. It would be great to document it

  • JC

    I’ve never had any problems with the PD. I used to work as a LEO and then went on to probations and parole. What I believe is activists are scared the body cams are going to show the real truth instead of something copblockers can make up.

  • Riley Long

    Really???? is that why activists film every fucking cop they see??? And please show me where you got that activists are afraid of body cams. How are body cams going to reveal the real truth anyway, with some states trying to pass laws to make the footage completely unavailable to the public??? I really try to refrain from bashing people on here but when you put so much ignorance out in one small spot I can’t help it. YOU are a fucking idiot!!

  • JC

    Funny. A while ago, activists have been pushing for support of the police body cam. Now, they are making ridiculous claims about it. Post a link that says some states are trying to pass laws to make the footage completely unavailable to the public. I am interested.

  • Zlatko Skuljan

    Are you gonna argue that all cops are good people

  • Riley Long

    http://tinyurl.com/kshsbvf There’s your link dumbass. No I’ll tell you what’s funny, a dumb mother fucker who calls someone out in a forum and gets his nose busted. This is one link. I could have posted many links. Before you call someone else out and expose your intelligence, or lack thereof, you might want to google it, like I did. I don’t type a single letter without I have researched several sites. Fucktard.

  • Riley Long

    WOW a cop who doesn’t have problems with other cops. Damn I’ve fucking heard it all!!! And yes with the fucking countless images and videos of scumbag cops shooting and beating unarmed citizens copblockers really need to make something up. Cops are fucking cowards, pull your head out of your ass and realize that.

  • JC

    Another piece of shit copblocker. I suggest you get your brain fixed moron.

  • Riley Long

    Is that all you have to say “Aristotle”. What’s that? You not interested anymore? Did I read it wrong or did you say, post a link confirming my post? It’s amusing how easy it is to expose someones ignorance on the internet.