Dorian Johnson, Key Witness in Michael Brown Case, Arrested for “Resisting” Arrest

Dorian Johnson
Dorian Johnson

Dorian Johnson, the man with Michael Brown the day he was shot and killed by Darren Wilson, was arrested and charged with resisting arrest. The charges came after police claim they suspected Johnson, and his brother – Demonte, of possessing drugs. While attempting to investigate Dorian interfered with the arrest of his brother and according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

Sources told the Post-Dispatch that officers found Dorian Johnson with a drink they suspected was a mixture of cough medicine and an illegal narcotic. They said an analysis did not find any narcotics.

A police report said officers dispersed a crowd and saw a bulge on one man’s waistband. Demonte Johnson allegedly grabbed the arm of the officer who was attempting to check that man for weapons. When an officer attempted to detain Demonte Johnson, Dorian Johnson allegedly approached and yelled at him, trying to prevent the arrest, the report said.

That’s when Dorian Johnson discarded the drink, the source said.

In court documents, an officer said Dorian Johnson “struggled with me and tried to pry himself away from me.”

Is anyone really going to buy this? I mean if the police want to convince me that they received calls they should publish them and even still, while trying to disperse a large crowd the only people you arrested where the guy who just filed a lawsuit against you and his brother? Really? Add the fact that the only charge is the unbeatable, cops words as the only proof, charge of resisting arrest and this just seems fishy.

Are the police trying to send a message to Johnson? I’m sure the last place he wants to be is in the custody of the police who all too often have dead bodies leaving their facilities. So it seems unlikely to me that he would risk that unless police were, once again, violating the rights of another. Or was this merely a coincidence? Did the police just so happen to cross the paths with the Johnson brothers? We may never know for sure but I wouldn’t put it past the ‘thin blue line’ to do something so openly.

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Pledge $1/month to help spread the message that, “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights.”


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