Just Say “NO!!” 4th & 14th Amendments

Patrol Officer Peter Cloutier of Augusta, Maine Police Department knowingly, willfully, and intentionally violated my civil and common law rights as guaranteed by the 4th and 14th Amendments, as well as criminally trespassing on my private home through the use of intimidation, force, coercion and threat of kidnapping and bodily injury.

After Officer Cloutier and his partner left my property (and with their tails stuck prominently between their legs), I sent the following email to Officer Cloutier’s Chief of Police, Robert Gregoire, who then forwarded it to Deputy Chief Jared Mills for an Internal Affairs investigation which was commenced January 19, 2012, verbatim:

Dear Chief Gregoire, and all other interested persons reading this lawful notice:

Attached you will find a raw, unedited, genuine electronic audio recording of your agent, Peter Cloutier’s, unlawful interactions with myself last night under the guise of him responding to a service call placed by my neighbor, Jack Hagop Alahverdian, the basis of which and the outcome of said conversation is very clearly explained on the .mp3 recording attached to this message.

I am sending this email communication to notify you, Chief Robert Gregoire, that your agent, Peter Cloutier, did blatantly violate my civil rights last night at 7:37pm, January 18, 2011, and did trespass on my private property and threateningly forced his way into my private dwelling without permission or license to enter.

Peter CLoutier did, without license or my permission, put his hand on my entrance screen door and opened the door and held it wide open, under the pretense of needing to ‘see me’, although his partner did not articulate having any difficulty ‘seeing me’ through the screen in my door, despite my private porch and my private internal entry being adequately lighted.

Upon Peter Cloutier unlawfully opening the door to and trespassing upon my private dwelling, he then proceeded to try to intimidate me through the use of force, coercion and threat of kidnapping to try to coerce me into allowing him into my private home, clearly under duress and coercion and threat of violence and bodily harm.

I did not at any time give Peter Cloutier permission to physically enter my dwelling at any time.

Peter Cloutier physically entered my private dwelling without license or permission to enter for the purpose of unlawfully violating my civil rights as enumerated and guaranteed by the 4th and 14th Amendments, which I am sure you are well aware do clearly describe the prohibition against unlawful search and seizure, my civil rights to receive EQUAL PROTECTION under the COMMON and STATUTORY LAWS, and my civil unalienable and inalienable right to be free from illegal deprivation of life, liberty or property within the boundaries of my personal physical body and private home.

Peter CLoutier did threaten to kidnap me if I did not allow him to unlawfully enter and search my private home.

I did not at any time give Peter Cloutier permission to enter my home, touch my physical body which he did in fact do with his upper chest with the intention of intimidating me into surrendering to his unlawful violation of my civil rights as enumerated by the 4th amendment of our Bill of Rights.

Peter Cloutier clearly and emphatically denied that he is subject to the lawful prohibitions against illegal search and seizure and he did in fact violate my civil rights to receive equal protection under the common laws as evidenced by him specifically and clearly verbally denying that HE DOES NOT NEED my permission to enter my private dwelling, obviously and blatantly in contradiction to the restrictions enumerated by the 4th and 14th Amendments and being confirmed by HIS immediate physical withdrawal from my property and his failure to return with a search warrant, as he blatantly threatened while he and his partner left my property.

You will be able to experience for yourself the interactions between me and your agents through your immediate review of the attached .mp3 audio file taken at 7:37pm on January 18, 2011 while I stood at all times on the internal side of the threshold to my dwelling place.

Peter Cloutier physically crossed the threshold to my private dwelling by the unlawful use of force, intimidation and threat of kidnapping and bodily harm, in direct violation of my civil rights under the 4th and 14th Amendments to the Bill of Rights.

My private exterior dwelling porch, exterior stairs and front entry door are now posted with “PRIVATE PROPERTY – NO TRESPASSING” signs, which were specifically placed after your agents removed themselves from my private porch. All of your officers and agents are now subject to a $5,000.00 penalty for EACH PERSON and for EACH OCCURRENCE of any and all forms of trespassing upon my private property, including my private exterior stairs, porch, interior entry, and all interior spaces, also including my physical body, and my Toyota Celica which sits in my driveway.


You have been lawfully notified.

All events of physical trespass by any and all of your agents will be subject, PER PERSON, PER OCCURRENCE, to a $5,000.00 penalty, payable in $1.00 denominations of .999 silver coinage within 7 days of each violation.

Conduct yourselves accordingly.

Gina T.

Recorded Interaction with Police

UPDATE: Link to Gina’s 1hr long conversation with Internal Affairs,  http://mortalsage.org/storage/Audio/Fr33dum/V0125140107.mp3

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