Just Say “NO!!” 4th & 14th Amendments

Patrol Officer Peter Cloutier of Augusta, Maine Police Department knowingly, willfully, and intentionally violated my civil and common law rights as guaranteed by the 4th and 14th Amendments, as well as criminally trespassing on my private home through the use of intimidation, force, coercion and threat of kidnapping and bodily injury.

After Officer Cloutier and his partner left my property (and with their tails stuck prominently between their legs), I sent the following email to Officer Cloutier’s Chief of Police, Robert Gregoire, who then forwarded it to Deputy Chief Jared Mills for an Internal Affairs investigation which was commenced January 19, 2012, verbatim:

Dear Chief Gregoire, and all other interested persons reading this lawful notice:

Attached you will find a raw, unedited, genuine electronic audio recording of your agent, Peter Cloutier’s, unlawful interactions with myself last night under the guise of him responding to a service call placed by my neighbor, Jack Hagop Alahverdian, the basis of which and the outcome of said conversation is very clearly explained on the .mp3 recording attached to this message.

I am sending this email communication to notify you, Chief Robert Gregoire, that your agent, Peter Cloutier, did blatantly violate my civil rights last night at 7:37pm, January 18, 2011, and did trespass on my private property and threateningly forced his way into my private dwelling without permission or license to enter.

Peter CLoutier did, without license or my permission, put his hand on my entrance screen door and opened the door and held it wide open, under the pretense of needing to ‘see me’, although his partner did not articulate having any difficulty ‘seeing me’ through the screen in my door, despite my private porch and my private internal entry being adequately lighted.

Upon Peter Cloutier unlawfully opening the door to and trespassing upon my private dwelling, he then proceeded to try to intimidate me through the use of force, coercion and threat of kidnapping to try to coerce me into allowing him into my private home, clearly under duress and coercion and threat of violence and bodily harm.

I did not at any time give Peter Cloutier permission to physically enter my dwelling at any time.

Peter Cloutier physically entered my private dwelling without license or permission to enter for the purpose of unlawfully violating my civil rights as enumerated and guaranteed by the 4th and 14th Amendments, which I am sure you are well aware do clearly describe the prohibition against unlawful search and seizure, my civil rights to receive EQUAL PROTECTION under the COMMON and STATUTORY LAWS, and my civil unalienable and inalienable right to be free from illegal deprivation of life, liberty or property within the boundaries of my personal physical body and private home.

Peter CLoutier did threaten to kidnap me if I did not allow him to unlawfully enter and search my private home.

I did not at any time give Peter Cloutier permission to enter my home, touch my physical body which he did in fact do with his upper chest with the intention of intimidating me into surrendering to his unlawful violation of my civil rights as enumerated by the 4th amendment of our Bill of Rights.

Peter Cloutier clearly and emphatically denied that he is subject to the lawful prohibitions against illegal search and seizure and he did in fact violate my civil rights to receive equal protection under the common laws as evidenced by him specifically and clearly verbally denying that HE DOES NOT NEED my permission to enter my private dwelling, obviously and blatantly in contradiction to the restrictions enumerated by the 4th and 14th Amendments and being confirmed by HIS immediate physical withdrawal from my property and his failure to return with a search warrant, as he blatantly threatened while he and his partner left my property.

You will be able to experience for yourself the interactions between me and your agents through your immediate review of the attached .mp3 audio file taken at 7:37pm on January 18, 2011 while I stood at all times on the internal side of the threshold to my dwelling place.

Peter Cloutier physically crossed the threshold to my private dwelling by the unlawful use of force, intimidation and threat of kidnapping and bodily harm, in direct violation of my civil rights under the 4th and 14th Amendments to the Bill of Rights.

My private exterior dwelling porch, exterior stairs and front entry door are now posted with “PRIVATE PROPERTY – NO TRESPASSING” signs, which were specifically placed after your agents removed themselves from my private porch. All of your officers and agents are now subject to a $5,000.00 penalty for EACH PERSON and for EACH OCCURRENCE of any and all forms of trespassing upon my private property, including my private exterior stairs, porch, interior entry, and all interior spaces, also including my physical body, and my Toyota Celica which sits in my driveway.


You have been lawfully notified.

All events of physical trespass by any and all of your agents will be subject, PER PERSON, PER OCCURRENCE, to a $5,000.00 penalty, payable in $1.00 denominations of .999 silver coinage within 7 days of each violation.

Conduct yourselves accordingly.

Gina T.

Recorded Interaction with Police

UPDATE: Link to Gina’s 1hr long conversation with Internal Affairs,  http://mortalsage.org/storage/Audio/Fr33dum/V0125140107.mp3

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    I’ve debated on commenting on this one. Cause I know the conversation will be about the drug war and not the officer’s actions or legal issue.

    1. Cop seemed very polite.
    2. I think this incident ended cause the guy called the cops bluff. And by bluff I mean that the police officer had probable cause to get a search warrant(IMO) so he can go get a search warrant. He doesn’t have the legal authority to secure the premises while they obtain that warrant. So he could go in and secure anyone till the warrant is obtained and then search.

    Now, that being said, these legal issues were set forth in other cases, many NOT about drugs, but the rules of evidence and procedures apply accross the board. If this was a report of a domestic, and the officer sees blood on the floor and a bloody knife on the table. I would think we all would agree that the cop should probably be checking to see if the wife isn’t laying in the bedroom stabbed. He has enough PC to get a warrant, and secure the residence for a search warrant if needed.(although this senerio involved and emergency scenerio) so lets say the wife is at the hospital with a stab wound and you are making contact with the husband. Leaving the house to get a search warrant for evidence, means you are giving him time to destroy the evidence.

    But back to this one. I have an issue with the letter verses the tape. If he had told the cop not to come onto the porch, or steps or what ever. than I would understand the beef. But they are having a police conversation. In addition, the officer is doing his job, and that allows him to walk up to your house and knock on the door. Just as the mail man can walk up and deliver mail.

    As for the ending. Cop worded his stuff wrong. and personally, I wouldn’t be concerned with smelling weed in a house unless it was a trouble house or thier are kids around. Heck I yell at people who are smoking inside with little kids around.

  • Rita

    @ psosgt — Sorry, your analogy of the mailman doesn’t fly. For one thing, the mailman is actually performing a public service, unlike cops who serve only themselves by enforcing laws against victimless activities. Furthermore, if I don’t want to use the US mail, I am free to not do so, and if I don’t want the mailman on my porch, I have only to lock my gate. You say you’re not concerned about smelling weed. Well, if you’re telling the truth (and you’d be the only cop in America who does) you’re the only cop in America who isn’t.

  • Lurker

    “All events of physical trespass by any and all of your agents will be subject, PER PERSON, PER OCCURRENCE, to a $5,000.00 penalty, payable in $1.00 denominations of .999 silver coinage within 7 days of each violation.”

    Seriously? LOL. Good job finishing that letter with something that makes you look like a nut.

    And the cops can still knock on your door or go on your property to investigate criminal activity or do things within the scope of their duties.

  • Andy

    This woman is a great example of excecising her rights. Just make the stuff legal already. Nice try with the search warrant either he didn’t get it, or he didn’t even try because the claim was bogus, which was probably the reason. This sounds like the cops trying to intimidate because she has lodged complaints against their dept. @lurker, the cops have every right to knock on your door within the scope of their duties, but if they don’t have a warrant, or LEGITIMATE PC instead of making it up you can tell them to fuck off like this woman did In a nice way.

  • John Doe

    The funny thing about this lame cop trying to make an enormous issue out of this woman (not guy) allegedly smoking marijuana is this; it is only civil violation in the state of Maine to smoke and/or possess small amounts of marijuana, I believe up to about an ounce. It is also legal in Maine to possess/smoke for medical purposes with a medical card, which this officer failed to even ask first. If this woman was legally permitted to smoke before deciding that he might enter her home (crappy police work). And, can you even get a warrant to search a persons home for a possible/alleged civil violation? Though it had to be criminal on ones property. Not sure on that. It is also only a misdemeanor offense to be caught growing 99 plants or less in Maine. I cannot believe that the police also think they have the authority to tell somebody that they cannot take photos/videos of people in public. It’s not a crime to do so. The police always try and cross the line by trying to make people do things that they have no legal right or authority to enforce. Once again, go arrest your local news reporters and the Paparazzi then. I seen this cop at a Starbucks in Portland Maine once, he chose to take it upon himself to try and enforce a policy that Starbucks has about sleeping in their coffee shops. A guy dozed off one morning while sitting having a cup of coffee (guess the caffeine failed), then the cop goes up to the register and says to the cashier, “you got a guy sleeping over here, want me to deal with him?” and the busy cashier said, “yeah, sure, go ahead”. This just shows me how lame cops are becoming. They want to infiltrate every tiny facet of our lives. They want to cross the line between law enforcement straight into policing the policies of even private businesses. It kinda gives you that creepy police state feel when you see it going on. I witnessed this entire episode. I then spoke to the management about it (as i have been a customer of this coffee shop for 9 years and found it appalling), and she (the manager) agreed that the police should not have even been involved in the matter and advised the cashier to handle it next time. This is just an example of how petty the police have really grown to become in this Nation. Cops in America are not going to be happy until everybody’s great grandma is convicted of some type of crime. Here are some stories from Portland Maine. It’s even scary who is policing us all, convicted criminals. Quite the HYPOCRISY, don’t you think. Here go some stories for you, Mainer’s.







    I know this Jacob Titcomb pig personally, he is a real asshole. So it’s no surprise to me about this story in regards to him. He is now a cop in Portland Maine. That’s what they do, transfer them around when they have problems someplace else. Read below.


    What does the Government always say, you don’t take the plea if you didn’t do it, right? So, then why settle if you didn’t do it!?


    The list goes on and on and on and on about dirty no good cops. And they call other people criminals. They should start their crusade in house and work their way out. Then they won’t look like such blatant ugly HYPOCRITES. Go get your Google on and find out who the real criminals really are. HYPOCRISY = My favorite word. Do as you say, and not as you do, Officer? Are you kidding me, Officer? I got a better idea, Officer, FUCK YOU!

  • BluEyedDevil

    First the cop was extremely rude to this woman after she asserted her rights. Having said that, the cop should have baked off, because he is a PUBLIC servant and POLITELY did his job and left. If he a legal basis to go into that home, he would have done so. If he had a legal basis to obtain a search warrant he would have done so. Why did he not if he felt he had legal basis to do so. I will tell you why, he and all cops are PROFESSIONAL LIARS? That is FACT! He had NO LEGAL BASIS TO DO SO and he knew it!!!!!!!!! He tried to get this woman to give up her 4th and 14th amendment rights and for that he should be ashamed of himself. I will say this the cop had the right to investigate the complaint at first was doing a fine job. After obtaining the information that he needed to resolve a civil situation (not a crime) he could simply said “have a nice day”. It is not against the law to take pictures, record or film on your own property, especially if someone is trespassing.
    Second, I will resort to all your arguments. You seem to always use hypothetical situations. The thing about the enforcement of laws is that they are based from a collection of facts (i.e. If you murder and are convicted based on facts pertaining to the case and are convicted in a court of law you go to jail.). You can throw around hypotheticals all day, without evidence and facts they mean nothing (i.e. your mailman situation). You don’t know the facts of this encounter and I’m sure you did not waste your time to investigate further than the information provided here. So what we have by the information gathered just from this story is this: The cop tried to intimidate and use the threat of kidnapping to force his way into this woman’s home. Now you could say he smelled pot, if true he had the legal authority to go into the home because the “CRIME” of possession of cannibus was clear and he had probable cause. If this is true, why did he not enter the apartment, not home. This is my hypothetical speaking, “he was probably LYING!!”.
    The day that you cops, stop enforcing victimless crime, revenue generating for the state, stop stomping on the constitution, abusing the people you are here to protect, investigating the criminals (bankers and politicians) ruining our country, protecting our freedoms and rights, quit hiding behind a vale of corruption, solving real crime, keep the peace instead using deception and violence to oppress, filming public servants in a public setting is expected – if it is for us than it is for you (after all if your not doing anything wrong you have nothing to hide), BUT MOST OF ALL HOLD THE PIGS THAT MAKE YOU LOOK LIKE THE DISGRACE, THAT MOST OF US SEE YOU AS, TO THE HIGHEST STANDARD OF ETHICS BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY TO SERVE THE PEOPLE WITH HONOR, FOR WHICH MOST HAVE DONE POORLY. IF THEY BREAK THAT SACRED OATH DEAL WITH THEM MORE HARSHLY THAN THE AVERAGE PERSON FOR THEY KNOW BETTER.
    I fear that if you don’t begin changing your kinds culture, that change will be done for you.


    Rita.. cop was sent to a call. If you call the police do you not expect them to go talk to the nieghbor your having a problem with??

    And Blue eyed devil. I tried to type out what I ment, and not sure it came across. Since I don’t have the ability to read the minds of people through the internet, I’m going to guess that the cop tried to “bully” if you want to use that word, into having the homeowner turn over the illegal drugs she had in the house. And when that failed, he left. I wouldn’t, neither would many other cops, spend 2 hours and the manpower to get a search warrant for what is most likely going to be a simple possession charge. I don’t think he was lying, just that he didn’t feel the need to go the long route. WHICH the owner has the right to demand as they did.

    As for him being polite. I ment to say that he was very polite! Even when things went south he still wasn’t a complete dick IMO. I do think he could have said things a bit different. Each person speaks in a different tone, says different words, and so on.


    @rita here is another example. Your at work and the nighbor dials 911 cause your house in on fire. Does the fire department have to get a search warrant to enter onto your property?

  • BluEyedDevil

    I don’t want to come off anti-cop, I deal with them all the time. My careers force me too (part-time fire fighter, medic, and E.R. P.S.). I can only say that I can see the writing on the wall, and it don’t look good for you guys, if you are a cop. Also, we all have hard jobs, whether you are in construction, factory worker, flipping burgers or whatever you may be. We all deal with bullshit together. That’s why we need you guys, I mean that, but we need you to do what’s right. Stopping and solving crimes, there are a lot of unsolved crimes that need to be investigated. Do it with dignity and pride. Bring back that once honorable profession. Walk the beat, live in your districts, know your citizens, quit with the military thuggery, write infractions when necessary not to fill quota’s (and yes we all know you have them), not every one needs prison or jail because you know as well as I do that the majority are inherently good, shake hands with people, respect the constitution, hire based on merit not ex-military straight out of war or because of minority quota’s, set the bar high so only the best become our protectors.
    I don’t know if your a bad cop or not, but a lot of your comments tell those on this forum that the status quo is O.K. by you or least that’s how you come off.

  • KAZ

    Ok here is the problem I have with the leverage given to cops these days. All a thug cop has to do is say he smells some pot and boom he has the right to search a vehicle or house. Well shit why doesn’t every thug cop just say he smells some weed every time he pulls over a car or knocks on someones door. What a crock of shit, cops lie to get out of trouble all the time and now they can lie to violate our 4th amendment rights. As soon as someone starts to flex their rights to cops they get all bent out of shape and start making threats. This cop needs to be punished for his threatening behavior just the same as any other person not wearing a badge would have been punished for doing the same thing.

  • Mike

    I’m not a legal expert, but doesn’t smelling marijuana constitute probable cause? Don’t get me wrong I’m not backing the cops, but it makes me wonder why they didn’t search the home if they had a legal right to. If they left to go get a warrant, then it makes me think they attempted to fabricate probable cause but backed down when the lady blocked them.

    This is purely speculation though, so hopefully somebody can elaborate more.

  • fromjanesville2waukesha

    Recording neighbors from private property is not illegal and that’s what the reporting party should’ve been told. So now this cop tries to pull some bullshit to get into her house and toss it? What a trash adversarial system this has become. Fortunately, it’s slowly changing…as long as we all keep recording.

  • Chris Mallory

    Of course the cop was lying about “smelling marijuana”. He just wanted to roust the house. All cops lie. It is part of their jobs.


    I guess my biggest issue bluedevil is the “you guys” 700,000 of “guy” running around with badges on. Kind of a big group of folks that work and live in all sorts of areas and do all sorts of different stuff. unsolved crimes. The majority of them are either unsolvable, or unprovable in court unfortunately. I’ve got a stack of inactive reports on my desk, or in the file cabinet.

    And chris Mallory, I guess I need to put my nose closer to the speakers while listening to the tape cause I couldn’t smell anything. Glad you could so you could let us all know.

    And to Mike. You are correct. The odor is probable cause. But PC alone doesn’t allow a cop to search unless there are exergent circumstances. Such as the odor being in a vehicle that we stop. Courts have ruled that the car or whatever create ES so we can search. A house is different(obviously). In this situation, if the cop really wanted to search, he could have entered the house to secure it(meaning make sure no on is in the back flushing dope down the toilet) and maintain control of the house while a search warrant was obtained.

    And fromjanesville. From the sounds of it the neighbor who filed the complaint was feeling harrassed or something. We don’t have thier side of the story so who knows.

  • fromjanesville2waukesha

    PSOSGT I get it, they had an ongoing situation in the building. Yeah, maybe there was other stuff…but that’s not what the cop explained to be the nature of the stop. The cops went to the other apartment and were told she was taking pics. No need to even stop by her apt if no crime has been alleged. And to top it off, the guy tries to sniff out the private hazard-less activities of someone in her own “castle.” When did this all go from keeping the peace and order to having to fear police pointing a finger and pushing into private homes. And yes perhaps to your dismay, this is a Drug War issue.

  • John Doe


    PSOSGT says:
    January 28, 2012 at 12:52 pm

    @rita here is another example. Your at work and the nighbor dials 911 cause your house in on fire. Does the fire department have to get a search warrant to enter onto your property?

    is such a piss poor example.

  • fromjanesville2waukesha

    John Doe, yeah that’s one of the dumbest examples that could be thought up and goes towards the reasonableness, or lack thereof, from this PSOSGT individual. And by the way, “PSOSGT” why do you first cite this cop’s alleged “politeness?” Politeness is a core expectation of police if that’s your number one ad-vocation, perhaps it’s time to raise your standards. I by the way don’t feel illegally pushing ones way into a private home is polite.

  • deepelemblues

    Unfortunately Rita’s assertion that police are not public servants is an assertion of opinion, not fact. No matter how bitchy someone gets about it, still just an opinion. It’s kind of a problem with the thought process of the typical commenter here, manufactured self-righteous indignation coupled with the inability to separate their opinions from facts.

    Tape sounded like your average police officer, trained to intimidate into getting someone to give up their rights where the officer has no other legal way to snoop around. Just say no and keep saying no.

  • t.

    Sgt. Is right. This officer had every legal right to be there. If any private citizen can walk up and knock on the door, so can he. Simple as that (heck that’s the core argument of the folks on this site). The officer very professionally attempted to mediate a neighborhood dispute, he didn’t claim he/she was breaking the law by film (again back to the sites core issue) but was just trying to explain that the filming was making another private person uncomfortable (one of my core arguments against many on this site). Our poster’s as heard on the audio, was rational and explained his/her position. So did the officer. The situation went down hill when it came to the dope (it always comes back to dope on this site). I know nothing about Maine. Where I come from it’s just like SGT said, he can enter and secure any persons inside the residence, lock down the residence, and get a search warrant. Got my drug search warrant pre-writen on my jump drive, just change names and address. Takes about 10 minutes to .write. I don’t know what happened here and why he didn’t return, but this letter should pretty quickly find a round file.


    No it’s not a piss poor example.. It’s an example of a gov’t employee doing thier job which allows them onto your property. In the case of a fire, the fire department may kick your door down and search your house!!! WITHOUT A SEARCH WARRANT!!

    And back to this one. What did the other neighbor say??? That’s right. we DON’T KNOW!!! Maybe based on her statement the officer MAY have had enough to investigate further due to it POSSSIBLE being criminal. NONE of us know that, and you can’t simply take 1/2 of the story an end it there.

  • Capt. Notacapt

    i don’t like criminal cops… Bu i’m telling you right now… this lady is no saint.. She just sounds like one those kinda people you know?… The crazy lady that never quits. Typical neighbor fighting shit.. These officers could actually responding to and or investigating real crimes. Like the elite criminals that commit terrorism and have over thrown the american government.

  • Wolf

    POSSGT THANK GOD SHE TAPED THE SITUATION OR SHE WOULD HAVE BEEN IN JAIL FOR OBSTRUCTING THE officers duty. I am surprised he didn’t try to arrest her for taping the voice.

    I have not had a run in with the law for over 35 years with the exception of an Ohio State Patrol who said I made an illegal turn to generate revenue. I say this so you know it is not “sour grapes” when I tell you that EVERY DAMN ONE OF YOU COPS ARE LIARS AND HIDE BEHIND THE BLUE CURTAIN. YOU ARE ARMED AS WELL AS THE ARMY AND THINK THAT BECAUSE OBAMA IS MAKING YOU ALL HIS PRIVATE POLICE FORCE THAT YOU ARE ABOVE REPROACH NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO. YOU WANT RESPECT FROM THIS OLD MAN, THEY BY GOD EARN IT AND QUIT ACTING LIKE HITLER YOUTH.


  • Wolf


    In Federal Suit, Man Claims DPD Stormed His House For No Reason, Beat the Hell Out of Him

    ​Every once in a while, amid the stacks of semi-literate, pro se habeas corpus petitions, trademark suits and product liability complaints, there comes a federal filing so disturbing, so completely awful, that it leaves the reader with nothing but questions.

    This week, it’s Danny Cantu v. The City of Dallas and a whole passel of named and unnamed police officers. According to the complaint, which made its way to Courthouse News yesterday, Cantu, a diesel mechanic, was making his lunch January 22, 2010, when he saw a few cops streaking across his yard. A deafening explosion shook the room as a flash bomb shot through the door. Nearly 20 officers crashed in.

    “Get on the ground!” they allegedly ordered him. Cantu, according to the complaint, obliged and was zipcuffed. Inexplicably, the filing claims, the officers kicked and punched him until he was unconscious, lying in a pool of his own blood on the kitchen floor.

    Meanwhile, they searched his house and allegedly didn’t find what they were after.

    Cantu’s alleged butcher’s bill: a broken orbital bone, a broken nose, a concussion, traumatic brain injury, a loss of vision in his left eye and loss of hearing in his left ear. According to his complaint, the “injuries required surgical intervention and caused significant scarring and disfigurement.”

    Cantu was arrested but never charged with a crime. Indeed, a search of county court records yielded no charges under that name. Dallas Police spokesman Kevin Janse told Unfair Park neither the raid nor the name rang a bell.

    Nobody from the City Attorney’s office was available to comment.

  • t.

    WOLF: I don’t know this case. Don’t really care to. But I read many of your outrageous posts and will merely submit to you……CLAIMED !!!!!! Not proven. CLAIMED !!! This sounds just like what a highly trained SWAT team from an accredited agency would do (ah, not).

    You always fly of the handle at everything, so I’m sure you will now. But you claim cops lie and exaggerate. Some do. But guess what dork, almost 100% of the criminals lie.

  • Jim

    @t – but guess what, dipshit, so do almost 100% of cops. And once again, you guys are exempt from the laws the rest of us serfs must obey. Lie to a cop, felony. Cop lies, zip. Not only zip, it’s SOP and rewarded.

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  • fromjanesville2waukesha

    PSO and t, Always give the benefit of the doubt to other cops right? It’s only half the story if it comes from a non cop. If it’s a cop telling the story, then of course it’s the whole story. BADGES DON’T GRANT EXTRA RIGHTS (or extra trust.)

  • Wolf

    T, ya you read my post on whether or not you will honor the oath you took to become a cop. U Didn’t like it when I called you out on enforcing illegal laws against the citizenry of this nation as you stated you would enforce all laws of city, state, and federal no matter if they were bad laws or illegal.

    That makes you an Obama Jackboot Liar. You don’t love your country nor do you think anyone is of importance except you and your little shiny badge that allows you to intimidate people at your will.

    Maybe when the crocodile eats the rest of us, you will remain last, but rest assured, THAT CROCODILE WILL ALSO EAT YOUR TAINTED ASS!!!


  • t.

    Jim and Janesville: First, Jim. Search this site. A short search will show you that cops are not exempt from any laws. So…..easily proven….your wrong. (Not just allegedly wrong, but just wrong, so thanks for playing).

    Janesville: well, sort of, kinda. (Legally speaking, I can do that because I can transfer probable cause from one officer to another, just on their word). But look at what I said. This incident was claimed to of happened. Let it work through the court first. YOU want to believe ANY complaint all edged against the police. I’ve had lots of complaints filed against me. I’very also been fortunate enough to either have really good witnesses or video showing what I did was right.

    Just because it is all edged, doesn’t mean it happened. On it’s face, this complaint sounds like a smelly pile.

  • fromjanesville2waukesha

    I won’t even continue, talking to cops about legal theory is like talking to a brick wall. Good luck to us all.

  • Libertyseeker

    PSOSGT and any other law enforcers on this site,

    Have any of you ever witnessed one of your buddy law enforcers break a law and then proceeded to ENFORCE the law on them just as you would John or Jane Q Public? (Actually enforcers who break the law deserve at least 3 times the punishment as they actually ENFORCE the law!)

    If you haven’t then you have no credibility!

    If you claim you have never witnessed one of your buddy enforcers break the law then you are what BlueEyedDevil said you are “professional liars”! If you claim you have then let’s hear the details from beginning to end, including what punishment, if any (suspension WITH pay, aka paid vacation, doesn’t count), the LAW ENFORCER hypocrite scofflaw received!

  • Libertyseeker

    PSOSGT and any other law enforcers on this site,

    Have any of you ever witnessed one of your buddy law enforcers break a law and then proceeded to ENFORCE the law on them just as you would John or Jane Q Public? (Actually enforcers who break the law deserve at least 3 times the punishment as they actually ENFORCE the law!)

    If you haven’t then you have no credibility!

    If you claim you have never witnessed one of your buddy enforcers break the law then you are what BlueEyedDevil said you are “professional liars”! If you claim you have then let’s hear the details from beginning to end, including what punishment, if any (suspension WITH pay, aka paid vacation, doesn’t count), the LAW ENFORCER hypocrite scofflaw received! !

  • t.

    Wolfie: Apparently I missed your last comment to me somehow. My apologies. Now, you raving lunatic, first I don’t see where you “called me out”. But listen clearly, I’ll say it in simple terms for you, I don’t enforce illegal laws against the citizenry. I keep the peace, sometimes / often times, through the enforcement of the legally passed / enacted laws of the country, state, and city in which I work. That is full filling my oath. You don’t like those laws, and I don’t care. You can revoke your consent to be governed, and I don’t care. The laws still apply to you. They can and will be enforced. You are exactly why there are more and more police out there. I posted elsewhere on this site, if you don’t like how I do it? Well sign up there tough guy and show how it’s supposed to be. But you won’t will you? Your more of the coward type that shoot people in the back.

    Wolf, if you loved this country and it’s constitution like you say you do, you should be defending me at every chance. But that’s not what you are about. You’re the bully type that wants to use violence at any given chance. You want to do whatever you want too regardless of the consequences to others. YOU are the enemy of everyone in this country. YOU are why there are more and more police everyday. The real citizens of this country cry out for protection from YOU.

    I go out there everyday protecting peoples rights (regardless of what you think). In admit that I’ve made mistakes. But I work to correct it. You don’t care at all about the rights of anyone but you. I don’t have that luxury. I have to balance everyone’s right and interests. But you can’t se that.

    Dude, examine your own behavior. I usually only use this as a joke on this site, but you need a cage.

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  • Wolf

    T: Cop Block didn’t post my last response to you where I listed 20 different links to pigs like you who swear they are protecting the people but get their ass caught and it is documented.

    You state I need a cage. Again you prove my point. Anyone who doesn’t kiss you cops ass needs locked up. Well mr poLICE man you should be very glad I don’t live in YOUR city as one of us wouldn’t make it. I am 64 years old and have walked farther in my life than you ever will. PIGS RIDE IN ARMORED TRUCKS AND MURDER INNOCENT PEOPLE. Don’t believe it??? What about Phoenix shooting a vet 68 times in his own home??? WHAT ABOUT SHOOTING AN UNARMED SUBJECT IN THE BACK? OR HOW ABOUT SHOOTING A CUFFED MAN IN THE HEAD WHILE HE WAS LAYING ON THE GROUND.

    SIGN UP? Give me one good reason why I should want to join the BIGGEST CRIMINAL GANG IN AMERICA??? I am sure you are proud of your TSA like Jackboots and keep them polished each day with adult diapers you take off 90 year old grannies who are dying, or 80 year old man you are brave enough to taze. WOOHOO MAKE ME PROUD THERE OCCIFER.

    I’ll defend your sorry ass when you start doing your duty. You KNOW, PROTECT AND SERVE, NOT MURDER, RAPE, OWN CHILD PORNOGRAPHY, AND LIE AND HIDE BEHIND THE BLUE CURTAIN.


  • t.

    Wolf: Ah. Midwest sovereign citizen influenced nonsense. You sir will end up caged or dead. Either way.

  • Common Sense

    God I love this site. I laugh and laugh. At the cops who blog, actually making logical statements and then those on the FAR left who say all cops will murder you left and right. I did some stats, out of ALL the search warrants executed in the US last year, you have a .3% of being killed by the police. You have a greater chance of being killed by falling at home, a house fire, or a car accident. The vet who was shot 68 times, he raised a assault rifle and sadly got what he wanted, if you read the actual search warrant affidavit(s), he was a known drug runner. Notice how that incident just fell off the map? Why? Cause there was nothing to indicate it was a ‘bad’ shooting. I’m all for accountablity, but as I have noticed, about half the posts/blogs on this site are typical rants by those who got a speeding ticket and are upset. Don’t like the US justice system, you can always move to Canada or Mexico if you want. The notion that every ‘pot friendly’ blogger take every situation to the extreme makes you all look like looneys. Sue the cops for silver? Are you serious? There are, on average, 850,000 police for a nation of 306 million, and at a given time, around 200,000 police working, for said 306 million. Doesn’t sound like a police state to me? I don’t see any goose-stepping or troops being quartered in anyones homes. There are good cops and bad cops, just like dentists and carpenters. You show me a clip of a cops ‘assaulting’ someone and I’ll show you 10 clips of ‘normal’ people robbing, stealing, fighting and kiling one another. I personally don’t care if you get high in your basement, but the voters in my district voted that down, so guess what, pot is still illegal. The issues are when your ‘baked’ ass walks out and get hit by a car, who pays? You? Do you have insurance? Or are you like Adam who brags he ‘doesn’t work’ and ‘doesn’t pay taxes.’ What about you getting stoned around your kids and they catch a high? How about house insurance rates for your super hot grow lights? I don’t want my house to burn down cause your clones are dying. Either way, the comments from the left here do show that your are rather extreme in your thoughts and typically wrong about 4th Amendment/Police procedures, which makes it funny to read. ~ regards, David.

  • Wolf

    T: Midwest sovereign citizen? YOU BET. When I was a boy police were respected due to they were men and women of respect when it came to the citizenry. Police today are hated due to their own stupidity and arrogance. We had incidents of cops overstepping their bounds, however, these cops were soon brought in to answer for their discretions.

    Due to the change in attitude by police from helping and protecting the public to the “Rambo” attitude of AH’ll fuk u up if you don’t kiss my ass” any and all law enforcement has become nothing but the jackboots of gov’t. With the advent of the public union who makes it impossible to impossible to fire bad cops and hiring of people who only in it to support their stupid ego, thus the newest generation of German Gestapo and Russian Secret Police.

    An article here on Cop Block a few months ago was titled “When Do You Shoot A Cop” Maybe you should look in the archives and read that.

    To the American conservative YOU, THE POLICE, have become the enemy as much as terrorists. There are FEMA camps preparing for operations to incarcerate citizens without trial and YOU are supporting this by working as Gestapo for the 4th Reich. <-(NOT CONSPIRACY, PUBLISHED FACT) As YOU stated yourself, YOU are proud to serve the city, county, and federal masters no matter what. That tells me you will fire on innocent civilians just because your master says so, whether or not it be true matters not.

    You seem to think I will end up caged or dead. Dead could indeed be the case. I do not go out looking for trouble, however, when trouble finds me whether it be either side of the law, I will defend myself against all comers and your little blue suit and shiny badge will do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to save you.

    So YOU sit on either the West Coast in the Land of Fruits and Nuts, or the Left Coast of educated idiots and don't like us in flyover country who cling to our religion and our guns.

    YOU and POSSGT can spend all day trying to convince citizens that you are the good guys, when in reality all you both are are LIARS HIDING BEHIND A BLUE CURTAIN WITH LIBERAL JUDGES WHO DON'T PROSECUTE THEIR GESTAPO MINIONS.

    THIS is the last reply to you I will make on this article, however, anytime I see you post your "Holier Than Thou" bullshit on any other article I will post how you distort facts to shower praise on Gov't Gestapo.

    BTW, if you wonder why my attitude is what it is, read the book, "BATTLE HYMN" AND learn for yourself. THAT IS IF YOU CAN READ…

  • Common Sense

    wow, Wolf is ready the ‘night of the long knives’ huh — ya looney….

  • t.

    WOLF: wow. Sometimes I hate it when I’m right. This isn’t one of those times. Thank you for showing again that you are a lunatic.

    About the post when to shoot a cop. Read it. Worries a little as there are goofballs .Ike you out there that believe that crap. But not to worried, because there are very few of you ( regardless of what you want to think, you are an extremely small minority).

    Even by Cop Block standards, your a nut.

  • Wolf

    @COMMONSENSE: I am not a lefty nor liberal, nor do I believe the bullshit you spew.

    The incident in Phoenix was indeed a bad shoot. They shot an INNOCENT VETERAN while breaking down his door looking for his brother. This was nothing short of MOB MENTALITY and the cops involved should have faced charges instead of being patted on the head and told IT’S OK, WE’LL PROTECT YOU..

    Should my door be punched in, I will respond with a loaded firearm as well without the safety on. You have business with me, you can approach me as a PERSON, not break down my door.

    I notice you did NOT respond to the issues of shooting an unarmed man in the back, nor did you respond to the shooting in the head of a handcuffed man who was lying on the ground.

    How easy it is to cherry pick what articles you wish to debate based on what is put out by the liberal press who deems everyone who doesn’t think like they do as terrorists.

    As far as the number of cops on the street, it is more disconcerting the number who have the Rambo attitude and are armed as well as the military and have the blessings of their departments to utilize these weapons at their discretion.

    In response to Justice, I ask: WHAT JUSTICE?


    Is this the same justice that was given the New Black Panthers,

    or is it the justice of running guns to Mexico by the jackboots as an excuse to TRY to disarm the American citizen?

    Or maybe the justice pursued against Arizona, Alabama, and South Carolina for protecting illegals so you can have your Dumbocrap voters in line for the election?


    When you have armed troops collaborating with local police and the police depts happily allowing the streets to be walked by military in full battle dress, which is entirely against the Constitution of the United States of America, you TELL ME IT IS NOT A POLICE STATE.

    When you have police departments monitoring the internet and emails sent by citizens, TELL ME IT IS NOT A POLICE STATE..

    When you have TSA working with STATE Highway Patrol in several states and have over 9000 illegal stops on public highways in 2011 itself, TELL ME IT IS NOT A POLICE STATE.

    When you have people arrested for video taping police in the “performance” of their duty on a public thoroughfare, TELL ME IT IS NOT A POLICE STATE.

    When you have police going door to door disarming people in an emergency (aka) New Orleans Katrina disaster, TELL ME IT IS NOT A POLICE STATE.

    With that being said, I will tell you this. I am an armed conservative who is tired of the country I grew up in being shit upon by people who do NOT love it and want a communist era to prevail. I was not raised in 1930,s Germany nor in Communist Russia and will not allow my children and grandchildren to be raised as such.

    I will vehemently defend MY country against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and do not care who, what ethnic background,or religion they are, or what color uniform they wear…

    I would suggest you to back and get your news from the liberal Lame Stream Media, Huffpo, Solon, or whatever left wing propaganda machine you so highly believe in..

  • Wolf

    @T: I have to apologize for lying on here. I stated that I would not respond again, but find your liberal lying bullshit too hard to resist.

    I can tell by your replies that you are part of the looney left who when they cannot accurately dispute facts placed before them, resort to Alinsky tactics of trying to ridicule and ostracize those who are able to report facts instead of liberal conjecture.

    YOU know you are totally unable to debunk any of what I have said and that make you a perfect example of the Jackboot Gestapo of which I speak. Since I do not agree with kissing your ass, you want me locked up but lack the balls to come and do it yourself, yet continue to spew your shit.



  • t.

    WOLF: Wow, for a guy who claims to read, you sure don’t seem to comprehend much. You don’t and won’t see me defending every police officer or every police decision. Some guys are bad, some just make mistakes. I even admitted that I’ve made mistakes. Read a little bit of what you wrote. You’re the one whom sounds like a communist or more like a facist.

    Your conspiracy paranoia is running amok.

    Again, if you loved the constitution and this country like you claim, you’d be on my side. I don’t love every law in existence, but because of my oath to the constitution, I don’t get to justpick and choose what I like. Why? Because I know it’s not just about me. It’s about everyone.

    You rail on me because I say that I follow / enforce the legally passed laws of the country’s state and city where I am. Maybe you need to revisit your silly sovereign readings. You should definitely be in favor of supporting local and state laws. (By the way, how can you be asoveriegn and claim to love the constitution?

    Anyway Wolfster, you can go back to foaming at the mouth now.

  • fromjanesville2waukesha

    t, I worked in the banking industry for many years. It got to the point where I decided I could no longer do things that were legal yet predatory and essentially theft. I made a wonderful salary but could no longer prey on people against my best judgement to make a buck. I guess that’s where we differ.

  • Common Sense

    He’s Wolfy’s statements for the next year,

    blah blah JACKBOOT blah blah POLICE STATE blah blah, duh, blah LEGALIZE IT blah blah CORRUPTION blah duh duh MURDERER blah blah PIGS blah blah blah SOCIALIST blah blah NAZI blah blah TYRANNY blah blah TAKE MY GUNS duh duh FEMA blah blah GOLD STANDARD blah FLAG HAS FRINGE….

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