Former Pasco Officer Tied to Sexual Assault Now Linked to “Cold Case” Murder

Richard Aguirre, Ruby Doss

A high profile investigation of former Pasco, WA PD Officer Richard Aguirre, for sexual assault, has currently become an even more monumental issue for the Pasco PD. There is now DNA evidence, as well as other pertinent information gathered by the Spokane, WA PD, who are investigating the current charges. Investigators now say that answers are coming in from the murder of 27-year-old Ruby Doss in 1986, answers stemming directly from Aguirre’s 2014 sexual assault charges. It all leads back to Aguirre.

Spokane Police Lieutenant Steve Wohl told local press,

The Spokane Police Department reopened the case back in 2008 but didn’t get a break in finding the suspect until recently. Aguirre was placed on administrative leave from the Pasco Police Department for a sexual assault in Tri-Cities in 2014. As part of the investigation into Aguirre’s recent sexual assault case a DNA sample was taken and submitted to the Combined DNA System and that’s when a match was generated, linking his DNA to Doss’s killing.
Once that happened, we did some further investigation, we did execute a search warrant at his residence down in Pasco, collected evidence and will continue to follow this investigation up and prepare it for a court case.”


It has been confirmed that Richard Aguirre was living in the Spokane area at the time of Ms. Doss’ fatal shooting. Now Spokane Police Major Crimes detectives are reaching out to see if there are others who will come forward, as information continues to reveal that Aguirre has possibly been involved in similar cases throughout the years. Investigators are also taking a closer look into any homicide cases that have connections to Aguirre.

The former Pasco PD officer resigned in 2014, after being put on administrative leave, following the ongoing sexual assault investigation.

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Pasco WA Police Department: 828 N 22nd Ave Pasco, WA  Phone #: (509) 545-3415
Spokane WA Major Crimes Division: Phone #: (509)-622-5849

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