Security Guard At Federal Court House Goes Crazy Over A Camera

Tobanner420day (May 8th) I was filming the outside of the US District Court Northern District of New York. Around the back side I came across this security guard. I barely said 2 words to this guy before he started going crazy. He did call for either the Federal Court Officers or the US Marshals to come out but none of them came. His co worker did come out to tell him to ignore me and that filming the outside of the court house is legal.

I have had cops in my face and I have had dozens of correction guards in my face, but this guy was scarier than all them put together. He had the crazy eyes going, throwing punches and swearing at me like he hated me. For the record I am white and nerdy, I do not know where he got that I was wearing a turban or that I was Muslim. I do not know if the Court Officers are subcontracting the intimidation or what. This might be a new tactic to stop people from filming. You be the judge.

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