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Hello fellow Copblockers,
My name is Tony and I would like to thank the site and all the people who contributor to it. I live in lovely South Florida, Broward county. Home of the orignal Navarro bad boys. I have been steadfastly defending my rights against these repressive gang members for the last 20yrs. I have been on the wrong side of the law, paid my dues and consider myself a model of rehabilitation. I have been with the same woman for 24 yrs and married to her for 11. She was my high school sweetheart and has turned into a pill head. All by her doctors design and big pharma.

I have had 5 to 7 narcs bang on my door, all suited up in black and ready to go. ” Can we come in” We have a report of suspicious activity at this residense. “do you have a search warrant” No we do not but if you have nothing to hide, we do not see a problem for us to enter. Well there is a problem, this is a private residence and you have no warrant. So no, I do not have anything to hide, and no, you may not enter my house. That was the first time.

Second time my friend is a gardner and uses hydroponics for growing inside. We go buy some Nitrous for the plants and 2 weeks later boom, DEA, BSO show up at my door, his door and his mothers house. All so called “grow houses.” Again they say, “can we enter?” “Do you have a warrant?” “No”, well have a nice day. Luckily I have informed my friend of what to say and and what they would say. He was one second from saying yes, you may search, but got smart when the cop said. Well if you have nothing to hide. Oh wake up time, no you may not enter. Same thing on all three houses. So yeah I am hot with the police, by knowing my rights.

Well last Saturday I am working and I get a call from my 16yr old. There is SWAT with guns drawn on 2 11yr olds for riding a Honda mini trail up and down the street. Apparently someone made an anonymous tip that some heavy set man with glasses was coming out of my house waving a gun. The Swat team shows up with guns draw, orders everyone out of house and then commences to harass all of them. I have two American Pitbull terriers, my 5yr old female was outside at the time. Luckily the police had enough restraint to have my daughter put my female and my 2yr old male in the room. Once all that was done, they did their little show and left. NEVER even searched the house, for the man with the gun. WTF is that, all this forcec and a half ass job in investing the call.

Some noisy neighbor, with no balls to ask them to stop riding the mini trail, decides to call the cops on kids, make an outrageous claim about a man with a gun and put my entire family in harms way. I am moving and getting out of here but I sure won’t be a nice neighbor anymore. Loud car, lots of kids over for my kids to play with and a BBQ on the front lawn every weekend.

– Tony C

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