Copsuckers’ Corner #1: In the Arena

C'mon, GNC, I'll get you back next week. You know I'm good for it.
C’mon, GNC, I’ll get you back next week.

Welcome to a new project that I am calling Copsuckers’ Corner. Every once in awhile there is a police supporter who is so cartoonishly ridiculous that they just WTF your gosh dipped mind. A caricature so cliche that they become a surreal cultural artifact which illustrates succinctly the stupidity of dogmatic faith in law enforcement. A study in hyperbole…

John Burk, aka: Soldier of Steel, describes himself as a ‘fitness motivator‘. I am not sure what that means, although I suspect it involves spending some time at the gym and always having to find new friends. Recently Mr. Burk began making YouTube videos to share his thoughts and ideas because- fuck you! Now drop and give me fifty Patriot-ups!

I dunno, man. I didn’t do it. I have no idea how, out of the infinite amount of things that people can be, some of them become this guy. Some people are hard to blame because you know they would not be them if they could choose. The scariest thing about this guy is that he would. Given the opportunity he would multiply his himness until it encompassed all of reality and make that reality do squats until it cried, while he called it fat and charged it $40.00 an hour.

As you would expect, no rational arguments are made in the video. There are no facts presented, nor are there even any examples given. It is, intellectually, ten miles on a broken treadmill to nowhere. It is an empty mental dumbbell, too thin to support any logical weight. However, what it is lacking in reason or critical thought, it more than makes up for with logical fallacies of almost every type. It is also chock-full of grammatical daring, linguistic ingenuity and pulled together by woefully playful dynamics. IE: It sounds dumb as fuck. The bad-acting, emotional posturing and constant stuttering are painful. It is like getting yelled at after school by a helmet-wary lineman from your 11th grade US Government class.

However, I decided to transcribe the video. When you read it, it is pretty fucking hilarious. I read it several times using the voices of different cartoons and historical figures and just about freed a poo-prisoner laughing at the zaniness of it. I suggest you start with Yosemite Sam and go from there.

“Look, you people that want to insult the police officers, you’re the ones that are the fucking problem. I don’t know what you think that…that…warrants you to sit there and criticize them for the job that they do. I understand that a few bad apples are out there. Yes, there are crooked cops. But yes, there are crooked politicians. There’s crooked soldiers. There’s crooked anything that you put out there thats public service, they’re gonna have crooked people. But it doesn’t define them as a whole. Many of you preach don’t stereotype certain cultures, religion…this that and the other. But suddenly it’s fuckin’ alright to stereotype the police force. ‘Oh, now they’re all corrupt.’ No the fuck they’re not. And the thing that I love about it is, and you wanna talk about being in the arena, i can’t even watch sports shows, cause those stupid ass little fuckin’ commentators sit up there in their little comfy booths and their thousand dollars suits, and they sit there and they nitpick how the players are on the field. ‘Well, you know, I would of done this if I…’ Motherfucker, you’re not on the field. You wouldn’t know what you would do. I hear the same thing about soldiers in combat. ‘You know, when I get to combat I’m going to…’ Dude, you don’t know what your gonna do until that first round snaps by your head. So, to you people that want to sit there and criticize the police force, here’s a challenge for you. Step the fuck up, go to the academy, and become one. And then make a change in the world. And Represent the police force in a better manner than you think it already can’t be done. You think they’re all fucked up. But who are the first ones you are gonna call when shit hits the fan. I guaran-fuckin-tee it will be them. You’re not out there walking the street every day literally dealing with the scum of the earth. Not knowing if you’re gonna make it back home at night or not. I did four and a half years in combat. Okay. Thats just four and a half years. These people do it for 20…30…40 years. Nonstop, all day, every day. Just constantly dealing with every little shit head out there that wants to try and violate the law. And then suddenly act innocent like they didn’t do anything wrong. Thats what I fucking love. You broke the law and you get busted for it and suddenly the cops are bad. W-w-what kind of fuckin’ common sense is that? Obey the law. Quit being a shithead. And everything will be alright. With that being said, I understand, there are bad police officers out there. I am in full favor of the body cams. I love that idea because it protects both parties. Now there will be no more finger pointing, he said, she said. Everything is documented, everything is on the up and up and it should be fair. But this bullshit has gotta fuckin’ stop. Teaching our youth not to trust the cops? Good grief. You’re the fucking whats wrong with America. Seriously. It just…I…no, I love…I have so much respect for the police. The boys in blue take care of the people at home. The firefighters, the EMT, the police force don’t get nearly enough credit. And here is something that really fuckin’…I love this, alright.

In the Arena
In the Arena

911 happens. 911 kicks off and suddenly they’re this nations heroes. You’re postin’ firefightin’ fuckin videos. You’re postin’ firefighter badges in their uniforms. And the police force. Suddenly something goes wrong and now its ‘fuck all the cops’. How dare you! You’re what they call one of those sunshine patriots. When things are going right, you’re in full favor, but when something slightly goes wrong, and it kinda rubs you the wrong way, ‘fuck everybody’ and ‘fuck the cops’. That, thats sad man. So, any police officers out there- man, I got your back a hundred and ten percent. As long as you do the right thing. And the same applies for soldiers. And the Military. I got yer six no matter what. Cause I know what its like going through out there. I know what it’s like to strap on body armor, and go out and deal with people that you know are going to try and kill you, and don’t like you. I know what thats like and I feel for you, I Really do. God bless you for what you do. I couldn’t do it. I really couldn’t. Right now it is a hard time to be a police officer. Everybody is looking down their nose at you guys. Stay positive and stay focused, man. Don’t let this nations twisted ass view of how ya’all operate demotivate you, and you know, get you down. I know it won’t. You guys and gals are stronger than that. You’re tough sons of a bitches and I respect the fuck out of you for it. Cause I couldn’t do it, man, I really couldn’t. I love you. I love you all. You guys and gals. You all are…fuck…I have the utmost respect for you all. Just stay in the arena. Stay fighting. And don’t let these people get to you. It ain’t worth it, man. It ain’t worth it at all. In the arena.”

In the arena, motherfuckers! Get it? GET IT?

banner420As I said before, duderino here is a ‘Fitness Motivator’ which is at least five silly gym outfits and a dozen high school auditoriums away from being a Motivational Speaker. His inclusion of his John Burk: Soldier of Steel brand motto, ‘In the Arena’, as well as all of the impossible hyperbole and bad acting is a pretty big clue that this guy is full of shit. As awareness of the police state grows, so too grows the volume and number of voices that criticize it. His video is a careful marketing scheme to fill a dwindling niche in the cardboard patriotism demographic. He is using peoples misguided and highly conditioned beliefs to to sell them the John Burk brand, while disguising it as patriotism. I also do not doubt that the guy is a cliche of manufactured nationalist pride and jingoism, nor that there is not an element of what he actually believes in the video, but for the most part it is a calculated attempt to finagle fame and fortune by targeting the ‘Murrica!‘ demographic. He is true patriot, one who flies the flag like a hijacker holds a baby hostage in front of themselves to avoid getting shot at, except the only danger here is failure. Failure to sell you something; that something being John Burk: Soldier of Steel and Universal Motivator.



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Hi, my name is Trevor. Thanks for reading!

  • Common Sense

    Sounds like Joshua’s has a man crush.

  • Joshua H

    Says the guy who is pondering my romantic thoughts.

  • eieio

    That transcript is better than most of the copblock rants.

  • RadicalDude

    “There’s crooked Anything that you put out there that’s public service – they’re gonna have crooked people.”

  • Yawn

  • Thenumber6

    One question, how much did it cost to bribe your way out of the mental hospital

  • Shawn

    “So, to you people that want to sit there and criticize the police force, here’s a challenge for you. Step the fuck up, go to the academy, ”

    No one is above criticism or Monday quarterbacking. No one. We all live in a world where our actions get second guessed. The entire point of LE is to do exactly that for the public.

  • Common Sense

    See, I knew it. Awww, its soooo cute. Maybe if you send him a friend request you can be little spoon.

  • JC

    Another piss poor article. The guy in the video was mostly right. Copblockers haven’t achieved anything except adding to their criminal records. Copblockers who have control issues and self esteem issues, are the one’s who cause more problems that anyone else. Copblockers don’t have any respect for themselves so they don’t offer any respect towards anyone else.

  • g2reason

    CBrs are changing the game they are winning, slowly but surely – that’s why you come to this site.

  • my IQ is way over 103, sorry, they wont take me, not stupid enough, hope you had fun there though!

  • Patrick H.

    First of all most of those sports commentators have proffesional careers in playing the game. For the cam idea if only they didnt turn them off just before doing something horrible.

  • lol

    Hahahahahahaha, this fuckin guy.

  • keepitreal

    Yeah, well you post about an equal level of horseshit stupidity, douchebag. Some of your “writing” is as ignorant as it gets. Leaving relevant facts out, and even adding your own conjecture in as fact. Pots and kettles, you know….

  • Don

    Then stop coming here to read it and just keep sucking on that Koch you love

  • Don

    really cool hat, shame it says “im a dick” on the other side

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    this is an excellent example of how brainwashed people can become. this guy went to an illegal war and wondered why people disliked him. he thinks it was patriotic to kill innocent civilians in another country. people like him are the reason for the failure of this country. it’s really too bad somebody in the other country didn’t wast this guy before he had a chance to come back.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    that’s a perfect definition of a pig….weird. cop killers are heroes.

  • Dale Shipley

    Why don’t you use your real name JC instead of hiding behind a fake name. Only cops are that scared. I take it that’s what you are.

  • Sikko

    All that comes to mind when I read this, Joshua, is something about glass houses and not throwing stones.

  • Guest

    I don’t respect others that don’t respect a different opinion. Oh…wait a minute…JC has made another disrespectful comment… about the kettle calling itself black….

  • Dean Scarpinato

    Wow dude, what a douche

  • Pw4x3r

    Being a police officer and going to work does not equal going to combat every day, stupid cunt. You did 4 and a half years… working for the government of atrocity… congratulations. You have earned nothing. The problem with police is the “good ones” you claim to exist, never do anything about the bad ones… therefore, they are bad. Your head is soooo far up your ass with brainwashing you are a totally lost cause… These words will mean nothing to you because you are gone. To others, they will acknowledge this truth and pity you.

  • Pw4x3r

    Yep. And then theres all kinds of other people who see the crookedness happen, and sit there, and stop doing their jobs because its another cop… and they are magically not crooked? LoL… right? Fuck this dumb mother fucker!

  • Ice

    All right stop, Collaborate and listen
    Ice is back with my brand new invention
    Something grabs a hold of me tightly
    Flow like a harpoon daily and nightly
    Will it ever stop? Yo, I don’t know
    Turn off the lights and I’ll glow
    To the extreme I rock a mic like a vandal
    Light up a stage and wax a chump like a candle.

  • Pw4x3r

    Something is wrong here. You claim to dislike this place but you show up every hour every day…. clearly your words are not correct. Sometimes you have to look through the writing to find the TRUTH….. you dumb stupid little pussy bitch. See you here later tonight… and tomorrow… and every other day this week.

  • Buck Kracker

    Me thinks life was much better before you came back.

  • t

    Haha. ?

    Joshy doesn’t even understand what the arena is.

  • Tracy Miller

    The (fuck, fuckity, fuck, fuck, fuckin’) problem is people like this brainwashed ex-military drone who get their concept of the police from TV and movies.

  • Larry Capponi

    is there a facebook page link available ??

  • Larry Capponi

    is there a link to the facebook page of this fk head loser

  • Josh Daniel

    ever wonder what he would sound like at 33 RPM?

  • Sikko

    With each piece of vacuous fluff that he “contributes” to this site, he demonstrates just how vapid he truly is.

  • ??

    The good cops?? There aren’t any if the so called good cops allow the bad cops to violate people’s constitutional rights lie beat kill along with every other law they break then how are they good cops they are accessories to the crimes committed by their fellow officers so fuck the police and all the cop suckered especially this douchebag

  • Reinhold Von Kirschmann

    Corruption is everywhere, fortunately the other corrupt people don’t carry guns for a living! Roidhead.

  • ??

    #FP if you say “F*CK POLICE” like we do then look out MAY 18TH for #FP the new anthem #FP

  • Hernan Tasies

    See, people like that are the problem, they are the enablers, they are the lickspittles that defend the police and its systemic cancers. This guy boot licks while his liberty and constitutional rights are raped by the police state. Why? Because dudes like him, who think have all the balls in the world, haven’t the balls to stand up to tyranny where it really counts, on the home front. Even worst, they sit on the sidelines judging those who do. As far as am concerned, the rioters in Baltimore did more for the freedoms of all citizens and residents of the US than the military in the last 6 decades, and they did it for no pay, and no benefits.

  • E I E I O

    Why do you guys not like and have to ridicule someone exercising their right to free speech? Or do you only like free speech if it something you agree with? that sounds like totalitarian communists to me.

  • JCsnothingbutabitch

    He’s paid to sit online all day spreading disinformation. You should see the comments he leaves on the gay cop porn sites!

  • Potato

    I wish CopBlock would expose more of these cop apologists especially on Facebook. Go to any neocon FB page like Sean Hannity or Allen West and there you will find a hornet’s nest of bootlickers and racists.

  • ThirtyOneBravo

    The fuck were you on when you wrote this inane drivel? To quote t… Wow. Just wow.

  • Abz B Zbas

    I agree. This guy has all the right in the world to express his opinion, even if he was hesitant to do it in the first place. But within the first minute he makes a personal attack on “you guys”, which I assume means anyone who has voiced their displeasure with cops, saying they are “the problem in America”. So, in actuality, he began his free speech by ridiculing the people who were exercising their right to free speech.

  • t

    On your knees copsucker…my boots need some tongue lovin…

  • Joshua Scott Hotchkin


  • Joshua Scott Hotchkin

    Well, it could be worse. I could be you.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    He was talking about you, and it was really obvious by ponder. So I guess you’re going to get that friend request, and then enquiring minds want to know: will you embrace or rebuke?

  • RaymondbyEllis

    I’ll second that with two thumbs.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Are you trying to make sure you got a good deal?

    You’re comment deserved that, all you did is make us stupidier. I hope I made you smarter.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Well that would apply to anything wouldn’t it? Want to criticize doctors, step the fuck up and become a doctor. Want to criticize the military, step up and join the military. It’s banal, in the worst way.

    Funny me, but I thought in this Federal Republic citizens are supposed to watch, judge, and criticize government employees in order to form a more perfect union (yeah, I stole those last four words, can’t remember from where, maybe Stalin on socialism in one country c. 1942).

    WTF is wrong with us? This “So, to you people that want to sit there and criticize the police force,
    here’s a challenge for you. Step the fuck up, go to the academy, and
    become one.” should never be an argument from anyone that took any Civics, or math, or philosophy, or was awake in class over 50% of the time.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Yes you can serve as a cop. That the average, or median, IQ is around 105 to 110 (surgeon territory according to t.) doesn’t exclude you, except in some police departments.

    The two members of my family that were/are cops had significantly higher IQs than 110. They could have been successful anywhere.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    No murderer is a hero, badge or no badge. And obviously we then have to deal with the semantics of what is murder.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    I take great exception to what you wrote. I prefer my anonymity, partly so I don’t have to deal with the crazies that turn stalker because you write something that hurts their widdle feelings.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    So if a different opinion is incredibly, butt-ugly ignorant, you should respect it? I respect people that treat me with respect, their ideas and opinions are another matter.

    I realize you were setting up to smack JC, but you could do that just by quoting him. Repeating his words…

  • RaymondbyEllis

    I think it’s that masochistic need for what hurts so good. He’ll be back, in every incarnation from slappy to Jason Free 123, or something like that.

    Ignate, I thought that was from Krazy Kat, but it’s all him.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    A rule of thumb to tell whether someone is for free speech or not: they start with “I’m for free speech”, if “but” shows up anywhere after they aren’t. The “but” usually includes the mistake of “fire in a crowded theater”, “fighting words”, or “causing others to be violent”.

    BTW, even with our vaunted worship of the 1st Amendment, we still don’t rank #1 in free speech. Usually around #5 or so.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Please don’t quote t. in a positive way, it only diminishes you. I am curious though, which inane drivel? That of the guy quoted or the guy quoting? If inane has degrees, the guy quoted is more inane, and may have a degree in inane.

    So when will you be passing through Phoenix?

  • vegas jack

    The steroids are strong with this one.

  • Pw4x3r

    Have all the free speech you want. Be ready to accept the social consequences if you are a fuck. :}

  • Guest

    Of course not. Methinks you are reading into that wrong. Respect is a two way street. In order to get respect, you also have to give respect. You know, like the Golden Rule….do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
    It seems that many people forget that.On both ends of the spectrum.
    I don’t have a little bucket throwing around respect where it is not warranted.
    JC got kettle-smacked pretty well, without repeating his words. Quote what he says? Preposterous!

  • t

    Funny…..a buddy of mine is working on body cameras at his PD. They had a public forum about it the other night and several people said that they wanted cameras that showed the suspect and the officer both….like on cops.

    Too funny

    I guess we’ll just have to hire camera crews for every officer or maybe get a personal deplorable drone that can hover above is everywhere we go. N

  • t

    Wow. Blistering retort dude

  • SineNomine

    As long as JC keeps commenting here, you will never lack material for this feature.

  • Joshua Scott Hotchkin

    Ridiculing someone is free speech, genius.

  • Joshua Scott Hotchkin

    Jealous little whiny bitch. Learn to write and do some of it for yourself and stop writing about me you creepy fuck.

  • Joshua Scott Hotchkin

    Ditto, fuckcrumb.

  • Dale Shipley

    Now I know your a cop, paranoid and a coward. Scared of something that isn’t there. I doubt someone would waste their time stalking you. Just like I doubt they are stalking me. The only ones I worry about stalking me, is the cops, because I put the truth out to anyone that will listen. Cops kill an innocent citizen every 7.5 hrs. I say innocent , because none of them were convicted in a court of law before they were murdered.

  • steve618

    One doesn’t develop moral ‘fitness’ at the gym. All the added muscle just makes the void above that thick neck more obvious and ridiculous. We have enough physically courageous apes on the planet and too few leaders setting the example and directing their testosterone in productive, socially beneficial directions.

  • keepitreal

    I’m published in several trade magazines, douchebag. Technical non-fiction, but still published. And jealous of your pothead ass? What the fuck would I be jealous of? Your skill with the written word?LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Try again, homer. And I don’t whine, assmunch. I bitch when you write more of the crackpot nonsense that hurts this cause in general.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Good. Keep that bucket under control.

    In real human interaction (no this isn’t that), first you give respect, and after awhile you know whether or not the respect is deserved. If it isn’t deserved, it’s withdrawn. As you meet people and get to know them, you create the groupings of deserving respect or not deserving respect. Life’s short so I hope you waste little time on the latter.

    Quoting JC isn’t a preposterous act, it’s an act of revenge. Why not quote his worst enemy?

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Ah you struck out.

    I’m not a cop and I neither idolize nor idealize cops. Ask t, CS, and 31B.

    So you worry about one group stalking you, the cops, and I worry about the crazies. So I’m paranoid and a coward, and you are what? The bright light of sanity and bravery? And that’s a bright, shiny segue…

    “Cops kill an innocent citizen every 7.5 hrs. I say innocent , because
    none of them were convicted in a court of law before they were murdered.” And there you go to crazy world. You have no understanding that in one fell swoop you repudiated the right to self-defense. You’re so fixated on cops that you kick the rest of us to the curb. Bravo.

    Please don’t stalk me.

  • Guest

    True….his worst enemy is himself…..

  • Shon Johnson
  • Shon Johnson

    Don’t comment here so much as send him a message he can sink his teeth into.

  • Shon Johnson

    I want to tell you these were just some of the Gym Lunk photos this uberdouche has on his FB. Wanna laugh so hard milk shoots out of your nose? Go to his FB and read the BS he’s got there….I was watching one video and I farted, snorted and peed a little he was so cliche and stupid. You can’t make this guy up, he is the perfect idiot….

  • Shon Johnson

    If your a Lunkhead and you know it, and you really wanna show it, strike a pose.

  • Shon Johnson

    Enough said…

  • Chuck

    This is ridiculous. John is a good guy and you’re slandering his name for publicity because you know “copsuckers” will get you some attention and some hippie fucking fanboys.
    But you know what? You gave him publicity too. That meme will only increase his followers and his “haters” will only spread his name. So thank you.
    Get a real job. Work for a living, if you would. You have a lot if power with this page, and you can influence a lot of people in a very positive way. Please don’t use this page to spread hatred.
    It’s a choice to be grateful, don’t focus on the enemy, that’s hateful.

  • Ali

    He did more then 4.5 years and also, where are your facts? Wipe the potato chip grease off your fingers and go outside every once in a while.

  • Tyler Marchand

    If you followed this guy youd know this article is absolutely wrong about him. And I detect a slight hate towards people who go to the gym? Wtf. The first thing you did was criticize him for motivating people and for being a gym rat. Real classy. Thats what I call a “hater”.

  • Scot

    That’s the result of years worth of hard work. What do you have to show?

  • Oo7

    Looks delicious

  • Michael

    To the liberal who decided to make this article. Where exactt are your facts bud? And a fitness motivator is somebody who try’s to help fat fucks like you get off their ass and better themselves. None of this is for his own personal publicity and all you’re doing here is making yourself seem like an unintelligent little boy. Now with everything ive just said its quite clear you don’t know what you’re talking about and plus this guy had done more for his country and in his life than you will ever do, have some respect, you don’t know the man and yea he deserves to be called a man, you deserve nothing more than to be called a boy because you are talking shit about somebody without knowing them

  • Elizabeth

    You’re all very ignorant if you base your opinion of John off of this article. All you do is slam him for making a positive difference in the lives of others. And supporting police? There’s nothing wrong with that at all. From musicians to politicians, you will find criminals. They seep through the cracks. Stereotyping the whole organization based on the acts of the ones who do wrong is the problem. The more you tear down the good ones, the less the masses will see of their actions which does nothing but further destroy the public’s hope of seeing a just police force. John (and masses of police who want nothing but your safety and protection) are serving this country bravely to be able to protect the rights of people like you to even talk the way you do, all while trying to root out the corrupt guys whether you see that or not.
    Politicians and soldiers are also two different things. Politicians create the wars; soldiers make sure you never have to fight them yourself on your own back door. When America is invaded, we’re going to wish we had more men like him.
    This is only going to bring more attention to John and make him more of a household name, promoting strength, loyalty, and a fit lifestyle. For those calling “roids”, grow up. This man trains and lives hard. Look him up and actually learn a little. Stop commenting your hate, hiding on this site: if you think he’s such a nut, contact him yourselves.

  • Chance Daniels Robison

    You claim he has no facts where are yours? I gotta say you are pathetic and people like you make america look bad.

  • Michael Lafond

    Hey Joshua…How about you show up in Algona and talk your shit to all the bikers that are going to be there. We’ll see how long you last. In fact, I’ll meet you face to face to discuss you pussifying of Iowa with you tree huggin crap. In fact, after we’re done discussin, you’ll be smelling the flowers since they’ll be stuff up your ass along with your head.

  • Michael Lafond

    He would still sound manlier than you ever would. Try taking the dick out of your mouth long enough to listen to yourself talk.

  • Michael Lafond

    Yup, because you could only dream of being in that good of shape.

  • Marc Sexton

    Where are your “facts” that he served any over 4.5 years?

  • Megan

    John Burke is awesome and what he does is awesome. He’s trying to motivate people to be the best they can! I’ve been going through a rough time and he has motivated me completely! When he started it was not about selling shit, he asked for the fans opinions before he even started selling stuff and everyone told him to. He’s a good guy and Shame on you all for judging someone you don’t even know, how pathetic.

  • I have a keen eye for wood paneling…I’d say that came from Appalachian Maple circa 1996…looks like a November harvest.

  • Gladiator

    To the author of this insane article:
    You wish you have done as much as John has for the country. The reality is that never in you whole mediocre life you’ll get to do half of what he’s done.

  • sickpuppie22

    The author is nothing but a chicken shit keyboard warrior and couldn’t stand up to any man in person because he’s a spineless dweeb.

  • Cory

    Holy fuck bro so what you’re telling me is you sat down at a computer and took the time, which you will never get back, to write about somebody else’s life because they don’t coincide with your individual beliefs about how somebody “should” be. Hahaha holy shit keyboard warrior, I remember high school too… Just…wow man. That’s some good shit right there.

  • Nas Abbas

    If you think all cops are bad, then is it safe to day all black people are bad? Saying all cops are bad is no different than generalzing black folks. You’re nothing but a coward and a hypocrite.

  • Dayquan

    The problem is the lack of respect for the PO lice, if you just do what they ask you get off easy. Youngins today all wanna be thugs and not cooperate and it usually ends badly for them. Its funny though cause dudes be talking shit about PO lice but the first ones to call them boyz when shit hits the fan. Ha Just my 2 cents ya heard me.

  • Marine Vet

    Whoever wrote this article is an idiot and probably never served their country in the armed forces…sorry..0 respect for your dumb ass

  • Scott William Alexander

    Ummm he’s a staff sergeant and my former drill sergeant you can’t get staff sergeant in 4.5 years he’s been in at least 10 years there’s your facts

  • johnny Tag

    The fact that you took the time to type this article out just shows how much of a fucking pussy you are. One simple fact is John served our country and you didn’t do shit. This website is full of god awful bullshit and you my friend are a POS!

  • Andrew

    really cool face… shame it says “fat fuck” on your forehead

  • Shon

    Uuh douche he didn’t say anything. Now you’re showing your ignorance…

  • Snipe Hutton

    Thats all I gotta say about it

  • Shon Johnson

    You are right, and he is right. You say not all cops are bad, true. He says not all cops are good, also true. Maybe this will help you to understand what I mean.

  • Fuck Cop Block

    You sir are a pussy! Put your keyboard down and do something to change it.

  • Mike

    He’s also still on active duty. He does the motivation stuff on the side when he isn’t working as a drill sergeant.

  • Pw4x3r

    You want facts? Like a police officer is the FOURTEENTH most dangerous job in the country? So is a police officer is going into combat, trash men are fucking spec ops, you dumb ignorant fuck. Doesn’t even make top ten. Then go watch the recent video of the cop who shot his wife and the other ten who pat him on the back. Then go kill yourself you stupid mother fucker.

  • thompson

    I’m still wondering why copblock would target a drill sergeant with all of this. Is it really because he expressed his opninion on something? Fucking pathetic. You claim to want your rights and freedoms, yet you attack the man that would instantaneously lay his life down to defend your greased up doritos lovin fatass? Fucking pathetic. How about all you conspiracy fucks take 5 mins away from the computer, go get your gun, and blow your pathetic fucking brains out. Jesus I hate people like you. If librals are so fuckin smart why do they lose so god damn much.

  • Dave

    You sound like an over privileged little baby jerking off to happy thoughts of clouds formed by the smoke of Marijuana and fields of pot plants…Obviously you are a karge part of whay is wrong with this country…awhy this country is no longer the best country in the world…You write your bullshit want to be clever criticism of one of our war heroes…A combat hardened current Soldier serving our country who aspires to do something greater than himself..both while in the service and following…His methods might not be all right…but they are not wrong at all…You’re views that all cops are bad is the equivalent to saying all Muslims are terrorists…Besides your self appointed position of critique…What else have you ever done for the US…your State…your community or any one person…or are you just is self serving as you apparently seem to be…

  • Christopher Rabe

    Wow, please fucking tell me the guy who wrote this doesn’t consider himself an actual reporter. Shitty ass blogger at best. Also way to make liberal use of photoshop for your picture of John and the opinion you have, which your entitled to due to men and women that are willing to put their lives on the line. It’s because of people like me, john and the cops in general you (and the people that like’d your bullshit rant) hate that should be thanking. These are people who quit fucking complaining about our country’s problems and went to do something about it. Your doing exactly what? Providing your “expert” opinion on the matters of law enforcement and criminal law? Capitalizing on the tragedies that occur as a result of a minority of law enforcement? Oh and let’s not forget Copblock posts photos of other countries police and puts headlines invoking hate or mistrust of our own. Do cops need to be held accountable for their negative or criminal actions? Yes, but you and Copblock are not doing that. Again inciting more hate to further your own agenda. I’m amazed a lawsuit hasn’t already face fucked your face hole with the lies I’ve read on your site, or from you in particular….but then again I’m sure you can just say freedom of speech and rant all you want regardless of the truth.

  • Brandon MisterJuicy Alexander

    black folks, by nature of existing, are NOT an inherently violent subset of the population.
    if a black guy asks me for money, i dont have to worry that he will destroy my entire life in the pursuit of 50 dollars.

    ive had the state come to my house and kidnap me more than once over less than 100 dollars.

    not even close to the same thing, strawman.

  • arass

    actually you can.

  • 0621

    This website is literally garbage…If you like this website, you are more than likely the problem as well.

  • 0621

    Hahahah…you talk like you know he killed people. Your just another useless pussy. Blame the ones who have risked their lives because it’s too hard to look in a fucking mirror and accept the fact that you are a shitty civilian and that is why the country is fucked. Not because of bad military or police but because of bad people, who while U.S. War fighters were off doing humanitarian missions and following our orders you couldn’t get off your ass and change things back home. We follow an oath but you act like we can just throw off the system like a cake walk. There’s a fucking system to follow, and you all bitch because it’s fucking broken but expect people who aren’t you to fix it. fuck you. Call your senators and reps, vote. Stop being dumbasses. Stop making shitty websites like this that antagonize. #uscitizensaretheproblem

  • Kitty

    In the Bukaki Arena with Ssgt Burk the Choad Warrior. Why are all you guys who suck the sweat off his balls rushing to defend him if he’s such a good guy?

  • Kitty

    Why are all you guys who suck the sweat off the Choad Warriors balls rushing to defend him if he’s such a good guy?

  • Kitty

    You must be one of the guys In the Bukaki Arena with Ssgt Burk the Choad Warrior.

  • Kitty

    Aww somebody’s upset they talked bad about his boyfriend Ssgt douchbag,,,,

  • Kitty

    Uhh we based our opinions off of his douchbaggery in his videos and his wannabe photos, pull your tongue out of his ass and actually listen to the bullshit he says. He’s a total douchenozzle…

  • Baxter Jo

    Because their dumbasses too, they stick together. You do realise a good number of these brainwashed fucktards go on to become cops don’t you? They aren’t qualified to do anything else, and they have all the qualities the police are looking for…

  • Baxter Jo

    Somebody’s butt hurt…

  • Baxter Jo

    Nope we criticized him for being an idiot and saying and doing stupid ass shit, but either you haven’t watched his videos or you’re one of those who wants to suck him off. Because it is obvious he’s a douche if you listen to the ignorant shit dribbling out of his mouth…..

  • Baxter Jo


  • Kitty

    If he’s such a good guy, why does he say such stupid shit in everyone of his damn videos, that he makes? Ever listen to the shit he’s saying? It sounds like he has an IQ of about 80-100, its hella awful to watch. “I don’t know why, I just wanna shove a dick up my ass right nowww”!!!

  • Shon Johnson

    Because his videos and photos speak volumes more than lies and opinions…a pictures worth a thousand words, but a video that’s pure gold

  • copblock18017

    bitch deleted the video cause he cant handle criticism

  • Colt

    Who cares! Sounds like you’re getting bent outta shape because someone has a different opinion than yourself? If you don’t like cops, who cares! If the guy with the retarded hat does like cops, who cares! How is this directly effecting your life? Everyone needs to stop worrying about what other people are doing and worry more about yourself.

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