Cop Block Week In Review: May 4 – May 11

Keeping up with all the police related stories, events and more can be a difficult tasks. Therefore, with the intention of keeping the readers of informed about the most recent stories, videos and happenings – not only at but the extended CopBlock offshoots as well – we’ve decided to start a “CopBlock Week in Review” series. Each week a CopBlock contributor will publish a post that highlights the blogs published at the site throughout the week, short stories about other CopBlocker activities and more. So without further ado, lets get into this week’s review.


Zanesville Cop Block is in the news again as Ademo has been spending lots of time there due to his contempt of court case. He was there to support local Cop Blocker Herb Newton who was arrested for obstruction of justice while filming police and his his neighbors. While he was in police custody though his footage was deleted but thankfully recovered.

In the video below you’ll see Officer Tignor and Moore arrest Herb for obstruction of justice on April 9th, 2015. The officers claim that he was interfering with their investigation and that a woman was having issues describing her accusations to them due to Herb’s recording. Below is the video footage of that arrest, as you watch it, try to pinpoint where Herb is obstructing the investigation or any time where he doesn’t comply with the officers orders.

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Attempt At Controversy with Anti-NYPD Shirt Draws Unexpected Support

Russ Wishtart made a t-shirt to highlight abuses by the NYPD and then wore it around the city and got some unexpected reactions.

NYPD terrorists

Every single interaction was a positive one.  

People stopped me and asked various questions and made comments.  One question that came up several times was, “Hey, where did you get that shirt?  I want to buy one.”  I wish I could have told them where to buy one, but like I said I made the shirt myself.

One type of comment took the form of “hey man, that’s a great shirt” followed by them telling me a story about how they were harassed/arrested/roughed up by the NYPD.

I had to take two trains to get to the snooker club, so I was standing on two separate subway platforms waiting for the J and the N.  On two occasions, I saw someone from across the platform waving at me.  I took my headphones out to hear them say “great shirt!” and “awesome shirt man!”  These were the only times that anyone has made contact with me from across a subway platform (about 30 feet away).

One guy was banging on the window on the M when it stopped at Essex St..  He gave me a big thumbs up.

Seems like Russ has pretty good support if he wishes to selling these shirts around NYC

LAPD “Justify” Shooting Unarmed Man Despite Chiefs Doubts

Michael Heise had the story about Brendan Glenn, who was killed by police Los Angeles during an altercation that happened after Brendan was accused of getting into a physical altercation with a bouncer.

Video of the incident has yet to be made public but viewers 0f the video gave their own account

LAPD reports that officers had talked to Glenn after he was seen “harassing customers” in the area. At this point, Glenn began walking towards the Venice boardwalk, and the officers went back to their patrol car. Shortly after, it is reported that Glenn was involved in a “physical altercation” with a bouncer, cops moved in to detain Glenn. Video exists of what happened between the officers and Glenn but it has not been made public. Sources who have seen the tape say that two officers were able to successfully subdue Glenn and bring him to the ground. Then, for no apparent reason, one of the officers gets up and steps back and shoots Glenn. The video, as well as the names of the officers involved in the shooting, are being withheld.

Glenn was unarmed. Even the Chief of Police, Charlie Beck, upon seeing the video, conceded that there does not seem to be a good reason as to why officers shot this man. As shown in aCNN Video Report, Beck is quoted as saying: “Any time an unarmed person is shot by a Los Angeles police officer, it takes extraordinary circumstances to justify that, and I have not seen those extraordinary circumstances at this point”

Report courtesy of KTLA News


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