Saratoga Springs Police Caught Lying And Violating 1st Amendment Rights

I received a tip from a concerned citizen of Saratoga Springs NY that the local police department was corrupt and abusive to the citizens. Here is a story of such abuse and cover ups.
So on 5/16/15 I headed up to Saratoga Springs. When I first arrived into the city I figured I would test them on Supreme Court rulings by giving the middle finger. Officer N. Baker decided he would illegally pull me over and arrest me for disorderly conduct. Even after being told the Supreme Court has ruled that a police officer may not initiate a traffic stop based on that reason. Officer Baker states that the local judge says its disorderly conduct.

See the ruling here.

He pepper sprays me twice and twists my arm out of the car window. Puts the hand cuffs on so tight that my hands are losing circulation. He puts me in the back of the police car with the windows rolled up and refuses to open them or allow air to the back of the car. He states that they do not have a neutralizing agent for the pepper spray even after I tell him I am having trouble breathing.
Once at the police station I am still having issues breathing so I stand up and try to breath easier and 2 officers proceed to choke, knee, kick and punch me because I was standing.The Saratoga Police even tell EMS personnel to leave until I answer questions from the officers.
Once at the hospital Sergeant J Cadoret arrives with a traffic ticket and an appearance ticket seen at the end of the video. He proceeds to ask for permission to view my camcorder footage. I said no! He then states he will get a warrant but he will not give me my camera back. Now I did get my cell phone and dash cam back that’s why I have video and audio now. But the camcorder that I placed on my dash board facing me and officer Baker was the one taken. And all recording devices were shut off by officer Baker before he searched and towed my car, even though I was in a legal parking space.
Now I tell Cadoret that I want to file a complaint against officer Baker and he tells me that I can’t because it is under investigation already. When I leave the Hospital I go to the police station to file the complaint and now that a camera is recording I am “allowed” to. I also ask for a second form to complain about Cadoret and he tells me that I can’t because its unfounded. But after sufficient protest he finally gives me another form.
This is just another case of police abusing their power. They make up charges because they personally don’t like what someone is doing. They do not respect the constitution, law or citizens rights. And they wonder why people don’t trust them. No one ever gets a warm fuzzy feeling when they see a cop in the rear view mirror and this is just another example of why.

Saratoga Springs Police Department Address:
5 Lake Ave, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
Phone:(518) 584-1800

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