Breckenridge Hills, MO Cops Assault and Falsely Arrest Man- Caught on Video

Christopher Hoglan of Breckenridge Hills MO, a small town near St. Louis, took a midnight stroll. Here is his story along with the video which recorded the entire occurrence. That video, coupled with false charges (no evidence to support) enabled him to now be an example of how important it is to stand our ground when we know our basic, common rights are being trampled on :

I left for a walk at 12:15 am on Sept. 4, 2014 and didn’t come home.

I headed out on my own as I often do. During my walk I was confronted by Officer Matthew Tyler of the Breckenridge Hills, Mo PD around 12:25 am. He approached me, demanding my identification. I refused. He then proceeded to escalate a situation that never should have occurred to begin with, threatening to arrest me. I was never told that I was suspected of any crime or given any reason as to why I was being detained. I asked many times, “Am I free to go?”, and the end result was Officer Tyler and his back up, Officer Allemann, tackling me to the ground. I was then searched without consent and taken to the city jail.

When we arrived at the police station I was questioned without being read my Miranda Rights. I told them I was invoking my 5th amendment right to silence until I had legal representation and still, they continued. Ultimately, I was charged with ‘Police Interference’, and as you can see clearly from the video, not rightfully so. The cost of my bond was $500.

I was finally set free the next morning at 11 am. I contacted my lawyer immediately and showed the video. We proceeded to request a jury trial of my peers for the ‘Interference’ charge. The charges were immediately dropped. My attorney’s and I met with the Chief of Police on Feb. 5, 2015 in person and filed an Internal Affairs Complaint. We have been waiting for Breckenridge Hills to complete their ‘internal investigation.’

Breckenridge Hills, MO Police Department: 9623 Saint Charles Rock Rd Saint Louis, MO 63114-2637 Phone# (314) 426-1214
Officers Involved: Officer Matthew Tyler (Badge #272) Officer Allemen (Badge #247)

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