Breaking News: Baltimore Grand Jury Indicts Six Police Officers Over Freddie Gray Death

Freddy Gray Cops Indicted

Six cops in Baltimore have just been indicted for their involvement in the death of Freddy Gray.

Via CNN:

Freddy Gray IndictmentThe six officers face charges that, if they are convicted, could lead to decades in prison, based on their alleged actions that day. Among them: Illegal arrest, misconduct, assault and involuntary manslaughter.

Officer Caesar R. Goodson Jr., who prosecutors say was driving the van used to transport Gray after his arrest, faces the most charges, and the most severe: second-degree depraved heart murder.

The list of charges in the indictments the grand jury returned differs slightly from charges Mosby announced earlier this month; all six of the officers now face charges of reckless endangerment, and several other allegations have been removed.

“As our investigation has continued, additional information has been discovered, and as is often the case during an ongoing investigation, charges can and should be revised based upon the evidence,” she said.

Mosby didn’t take questions at the press conference and didn’t go into details about what additional evidence had come to light.

CBN-network-bannerAs everyone knows by now, while it’s almost impossible for regular citizens not to get indicted, if they are brought before a grand jury, the opposite is true for cops, who almost never actually get indicted by grand juries. The fact that even a judicial process, which is often used to cover up crimes by the police and other government officials, felt that charges were warranted says something about how obvious it is that Freddy Gray’s death wasn’t just an accident.


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