NC troopers torture dogs as a matter of policy

Back in 2007, North Carolina Highway Patrol Sgt. Charles Jones was fired after a video was released of him “training” his K9 “partner” Ricoh by hanging the defenseless animal from a railing and brutally kicking it at least five times because it wouldn’t drop a chew toy.

Now, Superior Court Judge James Hardin Jr. has ruled that this sick, sociopathic, animal-abusing thug must be given his job back and rewarded with back-pay (i.e., pay for work he never did) and attorneys’ fees  — and, of course, taxpayers must foot the bill. Here is the judge’s reasoning:

Hardin ruled that although Jones’ actions were not among the training techniques specifically approved by the Highway Patrol, they were no worse that the agency’s accepted methods.

Jones’ conduct, “while appearing excessive and extreme to the general public, is not unreasonably outside of or substantially different from several of the training techniques that are tested, trained and approved for use by the patrol,” Hardin wrote.

Hardin said the Highway Patrol’s dog training methods included whipping dogs, hitting them wit sticks, and using choke collars and stun guns.

“All of these training techniques are extremely harsh and well beyond what an owner of a typical ‘house’ pet would use to discipline or train a ‘family’ dog,” Hardin wrote. “Canine handlers were taught to rule with an ‘iron fist’ as canines were ‘weapons’ which had to be under control at all times.”

“NC judge orders rehiring of fired K-9 trooper” (Nov. 23rd, 2010),

So, you see, Jones should not have been fired for torturing his K9 “partner” because the North Carolina Highway Patrol tortures their dogs as a matter of policy. Being a sick, sociopathic, animal-abusing thug is part of the job.


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