Cop Attempts to Break Phone, Illegally Arrests Man Filming

This video and story come to us via CopBlock Submissions from Robert Landon Johnson.

Click to view Case Dismissal
Click to view Case Dismissal

While videotaping an arrest in Wake Forest, NC; Officer S. Woods tried to intimidate me once he noticed I was recording. He began by telling me to remove my hand from my pocket, (it was in there because of the freezing temperature) which I did willingly. After unsuccessfully attempting to question me, (“I don’t answer questions.”) the officer said he needed my phone for evidence, because I had been recording. The officer then slammed me on my face and left shoulder, even though my right hand was already in a cast. Once the cop had me on the ground others piled on as well. Officer Woods then tried to break the phone by slamming it onto the pavement a couple times before making me show him how to stop it from recording. The WF police took me to their department headquarters, where I was held while in pain for hours, due to my shoulder and the awkward position they had me sat in. After hours of crying out in pain while officers routinely came in and tightening my cuffs instead of loosening them, one finally came in and switched the position of the cuffs to relieve my pain. A few minutes after that I was transported to Wake County Jail. I was charged with RDO and released on an unsecured bond, after spending all night in booking. My cell phone (containing the video) was kept as evidence. Later that day, I went to the ER where I was treated for a left shoulder contusion. Two weeks after the arrest, two Wake Forest police officers brought me a dismissal paper as well as my phone, with the video intact.

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Thank you for sharing your story, Robert. And thank you every one else who shares their stories, story leads and helps us share our message that- “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights”

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