Swearing Is NOT A Crime; “It is today” says Cincinnati Cop (VIDEO)

maxresdefault[UPDATED: I’ve updated this post at 12:39 pm on Monday, May 25th, to include local news coverage and picture of ticket]

Forest Thomer sent me an email today saying, “I was arrested yesterday for calling myself a motherfucker in public.” If you think you might know the name Forest Thomer, you may, he was featured in a CopBlock.org post in April titled, “Cincinnati, OH Pays Man 25K Over ‘Cripple Girl’ False Arrest” In that case Forest was arrested trying to help his friend, who’s disabled, promote her comedy event; but instead he was falsely arrested. Forest fought the criminal charges for over a year and finally settled his civil lawsuit in February of this year. I guess the Cincinnati cop featured in the video below didn’t get the memo.

Ticket Forest was issued, hard to get Officer’s name from this.

Not only did this cop not realize he wasn’t arresting the usual push over, he clearly also doesn’t understand the right to freedom of speech and repeats several times, “Today it is.” As in, freedom of speech is illegal today? Really? Finally at the end of the video the cat is let out of the bag when the angry, jackboot thug says, “Sue us then.” To which Forest replies, “I already have” and the video ends. Forest didn’t elaborate in his email but I noticed the YouTube description says, “I was holding a sign that said, “Fuck You. I’m a Motherfucker” Google my Book. Learn My Story ‘The Art of Being a Mot.”

I’ve sent him an email and will update it accordingly, particularly with the officer’s name and/or badge number (post updated with video below and picture of ticket – yet, can’t make out arresting officer information). For now, if you’d like to tell the Cincinnati Police Department that swearing or signs with swear words are not a crime, you can do so a their Facebook page, Twitter, website or by calling the number below.

PHONE NUMBER:  513-765-1212


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