(VIDEO) “I Have the Right to Remain Silent” – Memorial Day Checkpoint Owned by Cop Blocker

The video above that was recorded at a Memorial Day checkpoint in Murfreesboro, TN this past weekend shows just how quickly you can get through a DUI checkpoint without giving up any of your rights.

As the driver slows down and comes to a stop with the driver’s side window open just an inch or two, an officer approaches the car and tells the driver that he wants to know if anyone had any alcohol. When he says this, he notices one of the several cameras in the vehicle pointed directly at him. The driver then says, “I have the right to remain silent” and the officer steps back in a seemingly defeated manner, most likely wanting to avoid an issue.

“He has the right to remain silent so you wanna handle this?” he says to the state trooper next to him. As if someone having the right to remain silent is a problem that needs to be “handled.”

The Tennessee State Trooper then approaches the vehicle and attempts to question the driver. “I’m trooper Raven with the Tennessee Highway Patrol. We are conducting a sobriety checkpoint tonight. Have you had anything to drink, sir?”

The driver once again shuts them down with the magic words,

I have the right to remain silent.

The trooper then responds in a nervous sounding voice, “Uhh . . .  you don’t appear to be intoxicated. You’re free to continue on.”

The driver asks, “Is this just because we have cameras?” as the State Trooper steps away from the car to avoid anymore questioning from the driver.

It seems that the welfare-whores of taxpayers respect your rights when they are on camera, apparently.

Last November, the same driver recorded a video of his rights being violated at a Black Friday checkpoint. It gained over 200,000 views soon after it was uploaded and even prompted the local media to seek responses from the Murfreesboro Police Department and the Tennessee Highway Patrol for their actions. The video of last year’s encounter is below. The video shows a multitude of reasons not to trust the police. How many lies can cops tell in one night? If you haven’t seen it already, be prepared to have your blood boil. This is why you should ALWAYS record the police.

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 6.45.38 PM



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