Parole Officer’s Unexpected Visit Turns Deadly For Family Pet

Early on the morning of May 21st 2015, a family that resides in Worth IL was unexpectedly visited by a parole officer.  The youngest son, (who wishes to remain anonymous) was following his regular morning routine. According to him, he would open the back door of the home to let his dog, Mimi, outside and begin to prepare her food. She would return when she had finished doing her “business”.

In a statement written by the son in a Facebook page called “Justice For Mimi“, he stated that, “I let her outside, kept the door open, while I was in the house I heard 3 gun shots”.
That is when the son ran out of the back door to see what was happening and was greeted by an armed officer, gun drawn.
“Mimi came running inside the house stumbling and dripping blood”, said the youngest son.

 11139355_718621321581721_2224679226214920664_nThe officer immediately accused him of letting the dog out to attack him.  The son was ordered to put his hands in the air, detained and escorted to a nearby police vehicle. “While [I was] sitting behind the cop car’, he said, the officer who had shot Mimi appeared to be on edge; keeping his hands on his head and repeating expletives, ‘as if he had done something wrong”.

After a barrage of questioning by other officers who had arrived on the scene, the son was allowed to go back into his home where he found Mimi laying on the living room floor, breathing heavily. In an interview with the founder of the “Justice For Mimi” Facebook page, it was stated that police waited outside until the dog had died. The family was told that help was on the way, however, it was not until over 20 minutes after Mimi’s death that the officers came back into the home and escorted the family outside. They were not let back into their home until the officers had completed their investigation.

Here is a Family Video of the son and Mimi.

As if to add insult to injury, the family was also issued a citation for not having Mimi on a leash. “Its obvious due to the blood trails and bullet holes in the backyard that Mimi was still in our yard when this happened”, said the son.
The family said that Mimi was a very friendly and loving dog, even to strangers.

We do not understand why this happened, Mimi was a friendly family dog. There has been 4 young grand kids who grew up with Mimi, she has never attacked any of them or any strangers who come into the house. Typically when someone comes into the yard Mimi would jump onto people but only to give them kisses or get pet on the head”. 

You can find an Aftermath of Shooting Video here.

In his closing statement he says with a heavy heart, “Thank you all for the love and support that is much needed at this time. We did not only lose our pet today, we lost a family member”.

The body of “Mimi” is currently at the Animal Welfare League in Chicago Ridge. The organization has extended their services to the family free of charge.
In hopes of seeking justice, the family has created a YouCaring account to assist in their costs for a necropsy, burial, and legal fees.
The parole officer is alleged to be Officer Hopkins. His specific department is still to be determined. Hopkins was assisted by the Worth Police Department, IL.10989175_718621028248417_6600392028523754333_n52171616-2320-4cb7-b3fc-06f4d3769348


Ryan Scott

Ryan Scott is a journalist and police brutality/accountability activist in the Northern Illinois area. Ryan is the founder of DeKalb County Cop Watch, Illinois Against Checkpoints, and also known for several viral videos involving police activism.