(VIDEO) Virginia Man Is Harassed While Eating In Hotel Parking Lot

Sitting in the parking lot of his hotel room, late Tuesday night, a Virginia man was approached by an officer of the Richmond Police Department. Roy Williams of Richmond Virginia, a registered security guard for the Commonwealth of Virginia, was eating a cup of oatmeal in his car when the incident occurred.Oatmeal
The officer approached Mr Williams’ car, and before identifying himself, he asked if Williams had a room at the hotel.
After Williams positively indicated that he did have a room at the place of business, the officer proceeded to ask further invasive questions before finally demanding Williams identification.

After a few moments of back and forth, Williams finally presented his ID to the officer. Williams asked if the officer had a reason for being stopped, and the officer replied, “I do have a reason, once you get it [the ID] we’ll let you know.

When Williams refused to show the officer his ID for a second time, the officer proceeded to tap on the window for the entirety of 4 minutes, without pause.

The officer, clearly trying to get a rise out of Williams, continues to ask irrelevant, incriminating questions while tapping on the glass.ID Hotel

After the tapping finally ceased, 4 more minutes pass as the officers persist in their harassment of Mr Williams. At around the 9 minute mark, another officer on the scene can be heard saying, “I told you, he’s probably armed, he’s got a firearms possession [ID] in his hands, no warrants, got a driver’s license, got a conceal carry permit”. Both officers, having no grounds for arrest or further detainment, immediately walked away and the illegal detainment was over.

Mr Williams was never given a reason for the detainment nor was he charged with any crime.

In an interview conducted with Mr Williams, he stated that he intends to spread the message that, “people should learn their rights, and always stay quiet [with police]”.


Ryan Scott

Ryan Scott is a journalist and police brutality/accountability activist in the Northern Illinois area. Ryan is the founder of DeKalb County Cop Watch, Illinois Against Checkpoints, and also known for several viral videos involving police activism.