The Hits Just Keep On Coming| Cleveland

Another bad apple in the Cleveland Police Department? Officer Ronald Myers is in hot water after paralyzing a man with a bullet. I wonder if he etched his badge number in his bullets like killer cop, Brelo did. Im sure it’s a subculture within the Cleveland Police Department to do so. Cleveland Scene reports:

4A Cleveland police officer is accused of shooting an unarmed robbery suspect in the back, paralyzing the man as he attempted to run away, and then lying during the internal investigation to justify the shooting.

The allegations come in a civil rights lawsuit first filed in the Cuyahoga County common pleas court, and then bumped up to federal court yesterday. It was filed by a lawyer representing Maple Heights resident Alex Littlejohn, now 22, against police officer Ronald Myers and the City of Cleveland.

banner420The Cleveland Police can’t seem to stop killing people! What the hell is going on? Oh yeah, they are immune from conviction. I forgot all about that. Where are all these “good cops” when their comrades are murdering people? It seems the bad apple analogy is just that, an anology and nothing more! Every week there is another story of a killer cop in Ohio. I left New Jersey to get away from these shitbags and it turns out they are just everywhere, aren’t they?!


Chuck U Farley

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