Arrested for Filming Police – Charged with Disorderly Conduct

While on the road doing a project called Motorhome Diaries I was arrested for filming a traffic stop by the Jones County Sheriffs Department, an act that is perfectly legal and that Alex Hodge, the sheriff of Jones Co, even verified himself the following day. Still, Wayne Thompson, the district attorney, and the Jones County Sheriffs Department charged me with disorderly conduct. That’s most likely because James Atkins, who was instructed by Captain Grimmes (not sure if spelling is correct — we’ve been unable to locate him), deleted the footage of my arrest that would clear me of my wrongful disorderly charge.

Below is the footage that was deleted by those deputies that was recovered using recovery software by our friend William Pearson.  It clearly shows me following all ‘lawful’ demands of the deputies and that I didn’t move from the location I was told to stand several times as Aktins later testified in court.  It also shows Abraham McKenzie, another deputy, telling me to, “get that camera out of his face” even though I was several feet from him and he was approaching me. Though I did stop pointing my camera at him he still demanded, “TURN IT OFF!”  to which I replied, “I’m not going to do that.”  He then stated, “Well, then you’re going to jail.”

This week I have a trial for this arrest.  It will be my third time back to Jones Co in 2 years. I should have made this video public months ago, but for several reasons didn’t.  I regret this because this matter could have been handled by now. Hopefully, with our (Pete and my) pressure on these guys, they will FINALLY do what’s right by removing the bogus charges as well as returning our money and making right for the wrongful arrest of me and my friends.

I’d like Alex Hodge to post is response to his officers actions publicly in this post.  Hopefully, he does as he said he would if such video did exist. Time to make right, Alex. Show the people you claim to protect that you’ll up hold the law on your own as you do so many others in your community. We’re all waiting.

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UPDATE:  Below is the RAW footage from the arrest, it is of better quality.  Enjoy:


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  • deana mcalister

    i called the da and and the secretary didnt know anything about the incident. i assured her i would call back tomorrow.

  • Awesome!

  • No raw footage? Why the filming of the screen? If someone has the time over at CopBlock it’d be great to submit all the MHD and LoT incidents to And others of course :-)

  • phssthpok

    This film documents the following criminal acts:

    Federal :
    18 USC 241 Conspiracy Against Rights (felony)
    18 USC 242 Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law (misdemeanor)

    State (MS code):
    Title 97 Ch1 sec1 Conspiracy (felony)
    §97-3-53 Kidnapping (felony) [because absent any crime, they did not have ‘lawful’ authority]
    §97-3-117(2) Armed Carjacking (felony)
    § 97-17-42 Taking possession of or taking away a motor vehicle (felony)
    §97-9-59 Perjury (felony)
    §97-35-47 False Reporting of Crime (misdemeanor)

    Of course these also open the door to Title 97, Ch 44 MISSISSIPPI STREETGANG ACT wherein a ‘streetgang’ is defined at :

    § 97-44-3. Definitions(a) “Streetgang” or “gang” or “organized gang” or “criminal streetgang” means any combination, confederation, alliance, network, conspiracy, understanding, or other similar conjoining, in law or in fact, of three (3) or more persons with an established hierarchy that, through its membership or through the agency of any member, engages in felonious criminal activity.

    Good luck getting either the state or the feds to pursue them criminally though.

  • Phil

    In the early 60’s, when I was last in Mississippi, you didn’t mess with the law or you might disappear forever. Of course back then you wouldn’t have found black cops either. I guess there has been some progress.

  • Adam Mueller

    @bile – the video was recovered using linix so I can’t get it to work on the mac. And I can’t get it to upload to YouTube without an error. My only option was to film it running in windows media center. I need to find someone smarter than I who can piece these together and get them on line :)


  • Jenn

    @phssthpok – as usual, law enforcement is above the law. Sigh.

  • Jil

    Adam, email me info about the video file format. I can probably help convert it.

  • KBCraig

    I learned a new verb tonight: “conversate”. ;)

  • @phssthpok I agree about the law violations. I’m familiar with the U.S. Code citations, but I don’t know Miss. statutes firsthand. They probably broke even more laws. I also agree that it’s highly doubtful that the D.A., Atty General, U.S. Attorney or their assistant attorneys would dare or want to prosecute Jones County or its deputy sheriffs, which amounts to more crime by them.

    @Adam Mueller I think the word should be converse rather than conversate. I’m glad you were able to recover your camera or SD card and video files. You’ve got some great exculpatory evidence. Should be an open and shut case. You still got lawyer(s)? In the trial, the authors of the documents, e-mail, etc. and operator of the camcorder/camera phone/video camera will have to autheticate the evidence by giving foundational testimony before they can be entered into evidence, witnesses examined and cross-examined about these. Remember the burden of proving the crime is supposed to be on the D.A./prosecutor.

  • Hazy

    Goodluck fellas. If the DA is pursuing this BS, it means that area is corrupt as hell.

  • Hazy

    @Kinley & phssthpok

    You guys forgot destruction of evidence.

  • Guy Fawkes

    In any normal, sane justice system this would be a slam dunk for Adam. I hope it does go that way. If he finds himself in a kangaroo court with a biased judge who allows everything coming from the prosecution but denies most of the evidence from Adam’s side things may not go well. If allowed, Adam should film the trial and post it on youtube. That way any judicial prejudice will be clear for all to see.

  • Hi, Adam. The spelling appears to be “Grimes,” and Google is your friend. ☺ Found in 10 seconds, e.g., – “Captain James ‘Catfish’ Grimes.”

    Thanks for continued good work! It’s inspiring.

  • phssthpok

    “If allowed, Adam should film the trial and post it on youtube.”

    Even if NOT allowed it should be filmed.

    Perhaps with a button camera

    Or a pen model

  • youknowyouknow

    I’m from Laurel and know exactly what you’re dealing with, It’s a corrupt town and always will be. Best of luck in your search for justice.

  • Nicole Weems

    I grew up & still live in Jones County. I know Alex Hodge personally. Abuse of power has been going on in Jones County for as long as I can remember. I truly never believed Alex would let this happen especially considering you have video proof that it was a wrongful arrest. I guess his promises of cleaning up ALL areas of law breaking are false. He has cleaned up the crime in our county I give him that. BUT to let this blatant abuse of power to go on is the real crime as far as I can see. He ran on the platform to straighten out this place, but letting his officers harass out of state visitors like that just gives the people that think Mississippi is a backwards uncivilized place more fuel. Shame on you Jones County Sheriff Department for giving everybody the wrong impression of our citizens. I want you to know that we in Jones County are NOT all like that. Thank you for allowing me to say my piece. And I applaud you for sticking with this to the bitter end.

  • Paulbo

    This video is so much BS – You guys need to get a life and go on about your business. PS: A narrative video is not “evidence”.

  • Jil

    Paul….the judge didnt agree with ya & neither did 4 out of 6 jurors ;) Adam…not sure which captain officially ordered the video deleted…but I imagine it came from the blonde lady who told me that “she did not want her officers on the internet” as I tried to get you guys outta the pokey.

  • IceTrey

    Paulbo you can’t be that dumb. This video isn’t evidence, but the one he recovered and is talking about IS. Also they were going about their “business”, since their business is defending liberty.

  • YouLie

    Is this the video you accused the Jones County cops of erasing when they took your camera? If so, why did you lie?

  • Tom Jones

    You need 1: better hidden camera and mic setup,
    2: separate remote recording so loss of camera does not mean loss of video/audio.

    This video looks horrible and the sound is crap. Your local TV news has better, so should you.

  • Tom Jones

    SRSLY… spend some money to get decent equipment. It seems your work hinges entirely on
    quality of what viewers see and hear. What you present now has no quality at all, making you and your efforts look worthless. SRSLY… even this is just $200:
    and has excellent SQ (no, I’m not pimping for B&H)
    Get the catalog (B&H, others) and find what you need, buy it and use it. Modify clothing so pocket camcorder can be used as hidden. Then GET RID OF your current camera.
    Get off your ass and make something of what you have. So far, “you’re just jerking off”.

  • Guy Fawkes

    @Tom Jones

    I think the problem with better quality equipment is grabby handed thugs in uniform breaking or confiscating it. I’m not sure, but some states may have some kind of wiretapping laws for hidden cameras. If state law does NOT forbid it, hiding the camera is a very good idea. Being able to wirelessly upload video either simultaneously while filming or at least immediately when the camera is shut off seems almost essential since cops refuse to recognize the right to film and as in this case will attempt to delete what is on the camera after they confiscate it.

  • Rob

    Tom you do understand that they had great equipment and the police deleted their footage to cover up illegal police actions. Adam was lucky enough to be able to recover using software what he did or else there would have been no footage. Thanks the suggestions, but if you really think about it, why should we need to have hidden camera’s on our person in the USA to protect us from the ones that are supposed to be protecting us? I see 4 classes, the rich that don’t;t care, the middle class that doesn’t want to get involved , the poor that can’t afford to get involved and us the ones that bring this out and try to get people to get involved. —Rob

  • ceanf

    Tom Jones is a troll. so is YouLie. they are most likely one and the same. and they also apparently have the mental capacity of a gold fish.

  • Graham

    You have to love how almost everything the first cop does is “for his own safety.” He’s afraid. Yet he’s the aggressor. He made the traffic stop. He’s has the loaded gun on his hip. He has the violent gang backing him up…

  • Dave in Wasilla

    These guys are heroes, putting their safety on the line for our freedom, shooting video when most would wilt from the fear. The troops fighting overseas are a distraction from the true battle for liberty, which is happening right here in the USA.

  • Alex Ignatiev

    Judge Harper is a hell of a judge. Glad to hear about the acquittal.

  • Modern Hamlet

    Since obviously no one in authority is going to bring criminal charges for this, do you guys have any decent options for a civil lawsuit?

  • Bro

    Acquittal? I’ve been following this and haven’t seen any updates. Link?

  • RIch

    I really think you guys need to call the FBI and have all involved charged with color of law violations. Destruction of evidence unlawful arrest unlawful prosecution. the list goes on and on. I think you guys need to get a Lawyer and really hold these people accountable. I think you need to contact the political opponent of Alex Hodge and start making posters of him pissing on the constitution.

  • G Mann

    re: the Mississippi Street Gang Act

    “A Highwayman is as much a Robber when he plunders in a Gang, as when single; and a Nation that makes an unjust War is only a great Gang.” – Benjamin Franklin

    “When by virtue of the first Laws Part of the Society accumulated Wealth and grew Powerful, they enacted others more severe, and would protect their Property at the Expence of Humanity. This was abusing their Powers, and commencing a Tyranny.” – Benjamin Franklin

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  • dis

    so how did it end?

  • Guy Fawkes

    Why do police lie? They lied about their actions until this video was recovered. Piss off You little Lie.

  • Guy Fawkes

    I’ve dealt with that blonde bitch before. What a twat? You admitted that important evidence to the actions of both parties was tampered with by a member of the sheriff’s department to deny the public view of an event which happened in public for anyone to see. You admit to their guilt of destroying evidence of a crime, an act which is a serious crime itself, by a member of the authorities. If she didn’t want the unlawful actions of “her boys” to be seen by the public, her boys should not have been in public and committing unlawful acts. They defiled the law, they defiled human rights, and they’re too childish to take their spanking for being bad. I hope this was the best excuse for whatever point you failed to make. It doesn’t matter who in the department attempted to destroy the evidence, it was someone’s responsibility to preserve it under the law, that person allowed another person to tamper with evidence that was his responsibility. You’re childish logic for childish law enforcement just earns those children a double spanking. Thanks for helping us free you from tyranny :)

  • Guy Fawkes

    The evidence has been recovered and made public. Look a little harder for it next time, or as police would say, “CAN’T YOU READ THE SIGNS?!!!!”

  • Guy Fawkes

    I never understood why trials are not recorded on video, that’d seem pretty crucial evidence for a courts “lawful” conviction.

  • Guy Fawkes

    Thank you for the excellent list!

  • Guy Fawkes

    Sorry, that was for someone else. The mobile site is confusing.

  • Kody A. Walters

    This is not a “narrative” video. A narrative video would imply that these police are actors. Since I live in Laurel, seen these people’s faces, I can confirm they are not actors. This is not a narrative, but actual video evidence of gang activity. PS: they were going about their business until this gang stopped them.

  • Kody A. Walters

    They’re still making people disappear. This gang would’ve dragged these guys off and shot them had they been locals. You’re right, there has been progress, from race hate to social hate.

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