Arrested for Filming Police – Charged with Disorderly Conduct

While on the road doing a project called Motorhome Diaries I was arrested for filming a traffic stop by the Jones County Sheriffs Department, an act that is perfectly legal and that Alex Hodge, the sheriff of Jones Co, even verified himself the following day. Still, Wayne Thompson, the district attorney, and the Jones County Sheriffs Department charged me with disorderly conduct. That’s most likely because James Atkins, who was instructed by Captain Grimmes (not sure if spelling is correct — we’ve been unable to locate him), deleted the footage of my arrest that would clear me of my wrongful disorderly charge.

Below is the footage that was deleted by those deputies that was recovered using recovery software by our friend William Pearson.  It clearly shows me following all ‘lawful’ demands of the deputies and that I didn’t move from the location I was told to stand several times as Aktins later testified in court.  It also shows Abraham McKenzie, another deputy, telling me to, “get that camera out of his face” even though I was several feet from him and he was approaching me. Though I did stop pointing my camera at him he still demanded, “TURN IT OFF!”  to which I replied, “I’m not going to do that.”  He then stated, “Well, then you’re going to jail.”

This week I have a trial for this arrest.  It will be my third time back to Jones Co in 2 years. I should have made this video public months ago, but for several reasons didn’t.  I regret this because this matter could have been handled by now. Hopefully, with our (Pete and my) pressure on these guys, they will FINALLY do what’s right by removing the bogus charges as well as returning our money and making right for the wrongful arrest of me and my friends.

I’d like Alex Hodge to post is response to his officers actions publicly in this post.  Hopefully, he does as he said he would if such video did exist. Time to make right, Alex. Show the people you claim to protect that you’ll up hold the law on your own as you do so many others in your community. We’re all waiting.

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UPDATE:  Below is the RAW footage from the arrest, it is of better quality.  Enjoy:

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